Where To Skate + The Best Skateboarding Websites & YouTube Channels

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Where To Skate

If you are new to skateboarding, you are probably feeling down about it … because there seems to be no place to skate in your neighborhood. I remember feeling the same way. I was all excited to start skateboarding, and I just wanted to ride!

But there was not a skatepark or even a nice sidewalk to ride on in my neighborhood, and I felt sad that I had to wait until I went to my friend’s house to ride.

That is a normal feeling, because it is hard to wait for something you love, but you can wait. The trick is to not lose hope at being able to skate in your neighborhood. Just keep searching, and you will find something.

One of the hardest things about skateboarding is finding somewhere to skate. But there are a few resources you can hunt through to find your own skate spots.

BONUS: Best Skateboarding Websites & YouTube Channels

Skateboarding started back in the 1950’s (some claim earlier when surfboarders started experimenting). Skateboards, when originally introduced, were exclusively used for performing tricks. Nowadays, people use them for daily commuting and for fun.

You can skate on any driveway, street, or sidewalk that has a smooth surface. Many people also skate on top of cement slabs in their backyards and street ramps.

To get started, you may want to check out a local skatepark. A skatepark is a large indoor or outdoor structure designed specifically for skateboarding. If you like it, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a skatepark closer to home to continue practicing.

The main difference between planning your skate sessions online and in real life is that when you’re skating in a skatepark, people are more likely to understand if you’ve made a mistake. If you plan your sessions online with other travelers, you’re going to have to deal with other people’s bad moods and tempers if you mess up.


There are a lot of great skating websites out there. There are plenty of good articles and videos that you can watch.

There are also quite a few good forums and message boards on these sites. If you are looking to ask for tips or tricks within your local area, then I would recommend checking out Reddit. This forum has a ton of local boards for different areas of the world. You can also find plenty of good, local information on it as well.

If you are looking to connect with skaters in your area, then the Reddit boards are not the best resource. On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to learn more about skateboarding, then Reddit is a great place for you.

What to check out:

  • Reddit (The Skateboarding Subreddit)
  • Reddit (The Skateparks Subreddit)
  • Minion Skateboarding [website]
  • Skatepark Review [website]

Here are some of the best skateboarding YouTube channels as well:

  • Transworld SKATEboarding
  • Element [YouTube channel]
  • Eleven [YouTube channel]
  • Skate House Media [YouTube channel]
  • The Berrics [YouTube channel]
  • Flip [YouTube channel]
  • Where can you go skate?

The Best Skateboarding YouTube Channels

The first place we’ll look at is YouTube. YouTube is a great place for beginners to learn more about skateboarding. You can also bust out some tricks when your friends come over. The powerful search function on YouTube can help you filter your search to find videos about skateboarding.

The left image shows you how to do a search for skateboarding videos.

You can also ask YouTube to recommend videos for you. In the image above, we’ve circled where you can ask YouTube for recommendations. Sometimes, it’s easier to learn by watching someone else. Plus, it’s fun to be challenged by new moves and all the skateboarding variations out there.

We’ll review some of the channels that we like below.