Where To Ride BMX In The USA

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Riding BMX At Skateparks

Located at local skate park facilities in every community in the country, BMX riding is a great way for experienced and new riders to hone their skills. Through a group called the American Bicycle Company, the United States Association of BMX (USABMX) has designated 20 areas around the country as BMX Centers. This is where you will find ramps, mini-ramps, one-hundreds and English courses.

An English course consists of a large banked slab of concrete where riders can practice wheelies and other tricks. These courses are closer to massive skateboard parks than anything else. A one-hundred is a vertical ramp that has a built-up transition ramp.

The purpose of the ramp is to provide an extended transition that allows the rider to obtain extreme air and height while performing tricks. A mini-ramp or a quarter pipe then provides the transition while the rider performs the landing.

Scaled-down versions of the ramps and half-pipes that you will find in these BMX Centers are sold commercially as training and practice devices. Some of the upgrades you can make to these devices are to purchase multiple sections of them and join them together, so customizing them is an option.

Riding Dirt On A BMX

Riding BMX bikes is one of the most fun types of cycling. Whether you’re riding down trails, ditches, or biking in flat areas, the rush of all terrain is sure to make you feel like your life is a BMX video.

The most important thing that you need to know about riding a BMX bike is that it is not like riding a normal bike. It is a completely different sport and one that requires a lot more skill.

The first thing you will have to learn is how to ride with good form. To do this, you will need to train and get the right equipment. Then, you need to learn how to bunny hop and trick.

The good news is that there are a lot of places where you can train and practice your skills. Here are the best places to ride BMX in the USA.


If you want to learn and practice BMX in the best places, you should head to California. California has some of the largest BMX parks that are perfect for any weather.

The biggest and best one is located in Compton, California. Here, you can find professional lessons as well as trails that are built for your bike.

Another option is located in San Diego, California. Here, you can have access to one of the country’s biggest BMX tracks.

Riding Street On A BMX

If you are looking for perfect places to ride your BMX bike, you can keep it real simple and just ride on the street. This is probably how most people began riding BMX bikes since launching tricks off of curbs was not something you could do back then.

Once you get your 360 tricks down, and you are comfortable riding back and forth, you will want to practice on hills. If you don’t have hills, you can build concrete ramps for practicing or sporting events.

Just like with riding the track, it is important to upgrade your bike when you are ready for street riding. There are guys who can ride hills on 20’ and 24’ bikes just fine but we recommend you get a 26’ bike, it will help with those 360’s a lot.

If you have the opportunity, hitting up a skatepark that has designated bike spots is awesome to ride in and out of the bowl.

Another thing to keep in mind when street riding is braking. You will want to practice your stopping skills because the reality is that you will need them.

Once you get the hang of your stopping skills, hitting the bowls, riding a bike park, or a jump ramp is the next step up.

Finally it is easy to get into the flow once you get a feel for riding the streets.