What Is A Shotgun Start In Golf?

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A shotgun start is one that is used in some tournaments and events in golf. It is a method that is used to schedule the play of a golf tournament so that all the players can get started at the same time.

The players in the tournament are given a specific starting time. The players gather on one end of the golf course and a shotgun blast is used to signal the start of play.

One of the best ways to think of the shotgun start is to envision the start of most any popular athletic competition, such as the Kentucky Derby, the Boston Marathon or the Olympic Games. In all of those cases, the starter announces the date and time and then, in a highly coordinated and planned event, the starting gun is fired, the starter’s flag is dropped and a large group of athletes takes off at the same time.

A golf tournament usually has a shotgun start because golf courses are located on areas of land that are often not very large and are bordered by spectators and other non-players.

Which types of golf competition can use a shotgun start?

In a golf tournament, the match may be scheduled to begin at a certain time. If players are unable to back on time, this could cause either or both of them to lose the match. In these cases, it will be permitted to start the game as a shotgun start when all the players are ready.

Even if a match begins as a shotgun start, players still have to obey certain timings. The officials will advise them to set their tee times and intervals between shots so that play may begin promptly at the designated time.

If all players are ready to go off at a particular time, then the starting signal will be given as a shotgun before any players have hit the ball. This is called a Fly Start.

In a shotgun start, all players simultaneously hit the ball. The first person to reach the ball landing area scores one point, and play continues until one of the sides reaches a pre-determined score.

A typical match has a shotgun format if won with 8 or 9 points, depending upon the association, or a match with 18 holes. Each person that reaches the target score automatically wins the match.

In other competitions, players enter a playoff after all matches are over. If players contest for a spot, it is permitted to extend the deadline until all players will arrive at the site.

As soon as the last player is spotted within the allotted time, the officials can run the match as a shotgun start.