What Golf Shoes Does Tiger Woods Wear?

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Tiger Woods is a professional golfer and is most known for his impressive record of 14 major wins. Most golfers know Woods for his impressive success on the professional golf circuit, but it gets overshadowed by his highly publicized offense. Woods is now considered the greatest golfer in history.

Woods was given the moniker “Tiger” because of his likeness to the famous racehorse. It’s easy to see why because Woods possesses so many of the same qualities that made the horse so amazing.

For one thing, Woods is the most business-minded player in history. He’s also done more to make golf sexy than anyone else ever has. Every shot is golf porn for him.

Woods’ dedication to his profession is legendary. He practiced so much, people thought he was studying for a doctorate in golf. He also made himself into an athlete by lifting weights.

He did all the little things right, too, such as making sure he practiced on the worst conditions possible. He played through rain, wind, and darkness, so he never had to worry about it in a tournament.

Woods also played a lot of tournament rounds. He played in more tournaments than anyone else, period.