What Golf Shoes Does Jordan Spieth Wear?

David Welch
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Jordan Spieth, the 23-year-old golf phenom who just won the US Open, has a massive following on social media. This is understandable considering the success that he has had: he is the 1st golfer to win the US Junior, NCAA, and US Open titles in the same year, and he is the youngest golfer to ever win the US Masters.

Spieth started golf by the age of three, and from the very beginning he hit the ball a mile. He was competing in juniors tournaments by age seven, and his first professional tournament was at fourteen.

He has a second place finish at the Puerto Rico Open and a second place finish at the PGA Tour Children’s Health Care Classic at age 16. He tends to put in 50-hour weeks on the golf course during the season, but he doesn’t have to do this because he comes from money.

In addition to his magnetic personality, he is also a quiet character who lets his game do the talking. He doesn’t seem like the type of player who needs to wear a flashy golf shoe to be noticed. However, Spieth is not shy about wearing a specific brand of shoe … what brand is it?