Scott OTG MX Goggles – Are They Worth The Cash?

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Why Scott Sports?

If a company has been in business since 1990 and is making the goggles that you wear, then chances are that they are doing something right. For Scott Sports, the formula for their goggles was simple: design and manufacture the best products possible.

Scott began designing products for the ski and open snow sport markets. They are now also a leader in technical eyewear for action, adventure and bike sports. They started by assisting the US Ski and Snowboard Association in creating a pair of goggles that come closest to replicating the human eye, and since then Scott has changed the perception of how goggles should feel, fit, and perform.

Scott has been creating goggles for skiers, cyclists, and other athletes for decades. As the company has grown, so has its range of technologies. These days they’re one of the leaders when it comes to designing the best performance goggles while looking and feeling like regular eyewear.

With their glasses for example, you forget that you’re even wearing them because no one can even tell that you’re wearing goggles. They basically look like regular glasses, and Scott has made sure that you won’t even notice a difference.

Scott Split OTG Goggles Review

If you’re looking for new goggles that are uber comfortable, easy to put on and take off, hang up and pack away, and keep you at the top of your game regardless of your skill level, then check out the Scott Split OTG Goggles.

These goggles are unlike any other you’ve worn to date. These technologically advanced goggles seamlessly flip up or down, which means that you switch back and forth from wearing your goggles to sunglasses with no hassle.

They are also UV protected, this is great for those who take trips out on the lake, no more finding yourself blinded when you go from the warm interior of the boat to the shade covered exterior of the water.

The Split goggles are built for protection and are quite rugged. They are water resistant up to 100 feet, but if you’re going to go deeper than that, you might want to check out the Scott full-face version of the Split goggles.

The Breakdown:

  • The Pros
  • Flip up and down
  • UV Protection

UV Ray Protection

Scootover Goggles feature 180° UV protection, which is essential to not only the safety and comfort of you and everyone else on the ride, but also to help protect your eyes from long term damage that can be caused by the sun’s harmful radiation.

For added protection, the OTG also features a pinhole ventilation system that helps keep airflow circulating while not allowing exhaust to leak into the cabin.

Anti­fog is an important part of a goggle­s overall design. When you spray water on a plastic mirror, there are few challenges that present themselves more than having the excess water fog up the entire surface and make it difficult to see.

The ability for a goggle to eliminate fog is one of its most important features, because fog can be a real risk factor when you, your passengers, or even other vehicles are traveling down the road at a high rate of speed.

In addition to the face mask, the shield itself is also made of a special anti­fog material. This hypo­allergenic material is designed to remain clear at all times to provide you with the highest level of visibility possible.

Roll Off/Tear Off Option

Scott has thought of everything when designing these goggles. One of the first things you’ll notice is how wide the field of vision is. When you wear them, you’ll forget you have them on!

Another thing you’ll notice is that these goggles have no vents which comes with pros and cons. For example, the lack of vents means that you’ll fog up less and you’ll have to dip these goggles in water less often.

The lack of vents also means that these goggles will eventually get a little stuffy. It should also be noted that if you’re prone to get redness in your eyes upon wearing your goggles, then these may not be the right fit for you.


Most goggles will have to have some ventilation to prevent fogging. The OTG goggle is designed to have venting without harming your vision.

The top and bottom portion of the goggles are clear and allow air to flow in and around the helmet.

The sides of these goggles are not as clear and are meant to provide camouflage while you’re jumping. This allows you to move without the goggles interfering with the helmet of your bike, for instance.

The top portion of the helmet is also clear so that the lenses cover both of your eyes.

If you’re a cross-country rider, your goggles may not get as much ventilation, but the lenses will still be bespeckled with holes.

Sweat Proofing

Anti-Fog Treatment

Swimmers usually wear a face mask first and then put on goggles, but the “Anti-fog treatment” on the Cheap Scott goggles helps with the fogging problems. Not only did they get this treatment to help combat the fogging, but the goggles are supposed to be comfortable.

Protec has a unique technology called “Air Bank” in the nose bridge area. This feature is designed to make these goggles fit better on your nose. This is a great feature because it helps to keep your goggles from slipping off your face during swimming lessons.

A very large number of Cheap Scott goggles have a dual-pane thermal lens. Most goggles don’t have this feature so this is something you can’t find in many goggles.

The feature is supposed to be an improvement in the lenses over time, but your lenses may get scratched up from being in contact with each other. If they scratch up, the goggles are not a good buy.

The “Safety Gasket” is a foam seal. It will fit snugly against your face and is supposed to keep your goggles from leaking. If this fogs up too much, you can call the manufacturers to replace the face seal or there is a kit available for that purpose.

Frame Quality

When you first look at an OTG goggle with the lens off, the first thing you notice is its lightweight frame and comfortable face foam. They’re very light and airy and have the ability to fit anyone’s face no matter how small or large. The frame itself is built to fit securely to the face. It’s sealed very well so there are no gaps for dirt and debris to seep in. However, if you’re sweating like crazy then I do feel that the frames might loosen a bit, letting in more dirt.

In terms of durability, you could probably bend the frame back and forth a few times, but don’t think that you could ever break it. It’s made from a high quality plastic that is very strong.

Grippy Strap

Even if you have never worn snow goggles before, you are probably aware that they are supposed to keep the snow out. Even if they did not, any being is going to find a way to resist. The goggles from Scott are covered with goggle straps that make it hard to wear at first. However, after wearing them for a few minutes, the straps feel soft and become almost invisible. These straps ensure that the goggles do not slide off your face, which is especially important when you are skiing.

If you are like many people who are uncomfortable wearing goggles, you will be happy to know that the strap is adjustable. This will let you find a fit that suits you comfortably.

In addition to providing hot glasses, the strap also helps prevent snow from getting in your eyes. When you are going fast on skis, it only takes a second of not paying attention to get a seriously cold and potentially serious injury.

Who Are Scott OTG Goggles Suitable For?

A ski mask is a must if you want to snowboard or ski, or even be outside for that matter. Yet you can spend a little more and get goggles or, if you’re particularly fit and fashionable, you can lucky enough to have a pair already. Goggles offer the best protection against the wind and snow, making them perfect for winter sports. They also offer UV protection, especially important when spending long days in the snow. The Scott OTG Tinted MX Goggle is an ideal choice for skiers and snowboarders looking for all those benefits.

Looking good is just as important to many people as being sporty. They want to look good even while they are on the slopes. The Scott OTG Goggle is the perfect choice for those people. This model comes in a wide range of lens colors, so you are sure to find a pair that matches your favorite snow jacket.

They are available in a choice of four stylish colors to match whatever you are wearing, so you can sit back and enjoy the slopes in style. With a price tag starting at –35, they are not quite as expensive as the top-of-the-line goggles, yet they offer top-quality lenses, including UV protection too.

They don’t have a full sealed fit, but they fit pretty closely to your face, reducing the amount of wind you feel.

What’s Next?

Are you looking for the best ways to find the best Scott OTG MX Goggles? Well, you’ve got the right spot and we will cover all the best stuff to get you started on your quest for the best goggles out there.

Here’s what we are going to do:

Get the facts straight.

Tell you who should be using them.

What you should look for.

Where you can find them and how much you need to spend to get the best looking pair of goggles on the market.

Now, the truth is that the best Scott OTG MX Goggles are the ones that match the most important criteria for your needs.

But, you need to think about the features that are more important to you.

Some of us have more sensitive eyes and the Scott OTG MX Goggles fulfills the needs of individuals like that. And, some are designed to be enjoyed by young adults, kids and adults.

Scott has become known as a manufacturer of high-quality products and the Scott OTG MX Goggles are no exception.

Other outstanding features are lenses that won’t fog up, adjustable head straps and more.

And, we will help you find the best pair that suits your needs.

Our editors have tried these and many others so we know what we are talking about.