Motocross Armor: The 3 Best Roost, Chest & Body Protectors In 2022

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Helmets and knee pads are not enough. Unless you are running around on a closed circuit, or if you are riding out on the street behind a ton of safety gear, you should be wearing additional body armor.

After all, if your bike is bouncing around and the trails are tough, you need that extra protection. Without it, you can get injured.

We all know by now, that crashes happen. Even if you take your time, most crashes aren’t your fault. Some people brake late, have dangerous obstacles on the trail, and others just come out of nowhere!

Whatever the cause, the right body armor will protect you from broken bones, concussions, and severe injuries.

Fox Racing R3 Roost DeflectorBest OverallFox Racing R3 Roost Deflector
EVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost DeflectorBudget PickEVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost Deflector
Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB JacketUpgrade PickFox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

1. Fox Racing R3 Roost Deflector

Our rating: 9 / 10

Fox Racing R3 Roost Deflector

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  • Super strong
  • Protects your chest if you do crash
  • Can be worn with or without a neck brace


  • Too stiff on first use
  • Can be hot at high temperatures

The Fox Racing chest protector is called the Roost Deflector. This is a chest protector that comes with some serious protection. It’s lightweight, abrasion resistant, and offers plenty of protection. It’s equipped with Broox, which is a high-density, shock-absorbing polymer that is flexible yet impact-resistant. The Roost Deflector also has a Hi-Viz feature on the back, so that you will be visible when you’re riding under low light conditions.

A cool extra feature that Fox has added is a free floating chest plate. What this does is that it allows the sternum protector to move independently from the waist protector. This is an appealing feature that most who have purchased the Roost Deflector have liked. The protector actually swivels, so that it conforms to the shape of the body. It’s very easy to adjust so that it is as comfy as possible.

2. Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

Our rating: 6 / 10

Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

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  • Features great elbow guards
  • Back protector slips in and out easily

The Titan Sport Jacket offers complete upper body protection. It’s a great lightweight, low-profile protection, which is exactly what you look for when playing in the rocks. The elbow protections can slide further up your sleeves, and they’ll cover and cover a wide area. This further protection is perfect when you’re traveling over terrain, when you can’t brace yourself to the degree that you can while just riding on the flat. This flip-up elbow guard can fit perfectly on your suit thanks to its elastic material and the perfectly cut arms.

If you’re riding for long stretches on the trail, you’ll be happy to learn that this jacket is comfortable. It’s breathable, and its mesh lining will keep you dry and cool no matter what. It’s high-quality and very stylish.

3. EVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost Deflector

Our rating: 6 / 10

EVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost Deflector

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The EVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost Deflector (REVO 5) (White, Adult (L/XL)).

This chest and rib protector is made of aramid fiber, a highly durable fabric that's made to withstand perhaps the hardest blows that a motocross rider can suffer.

Aramid is a strong and lightweight material that's 15 times stronger than steel but remains flexible, which is the ideal way for making a racing suit. This chest protector comes with a back protector built into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best chest protector for motocross?

First things first: if you are clambering into a motocross helmet underneath a chest protector, it’s probably too big! While it may look cool to have the helmet and protector in place over a motocross shirt, it’s not getting the job done. These safety pieces need to be tailored to your body. Now that you’re in the right mindset, let’s consider the best motocross chest protector for you.

A chest protector is an extra layer of protection that goes between your motocross helmet and your shirt. Its purpose is to absorb impact and act as a cushion to reduce spinal injuries should you be thrown from your bike. As you can see, it’s meant as a safety guard rather than an armor.

Do Pro motocross riders wear chest protectors?

Pro motocross riders are expected to wear a chest protector while racing to protect them from chest injuries. It’s a common misconception that they wear it just for looks, but that’s false. Chest injuries account for 10% of motocross injuries and they are a serious issue in that sport.

Motocross chest armor is designed to have high impact absorption and be lightweight, to avoid extra weight that could slow the rider down. The manufacturers save weight by using ultra-light polypropylene and avoiding certain features like neck protection, padding or back protection. It also shouldn’t be too bulky, because that could make the rider uncomfortable and reduce his/her ease of movement on the bike.

What is the best body Armour for motocross?

The best body armour for motocross depends on a number of factors. Some people like to wear a chest protector under the jersey, while others choose to wear it on top of the jersey. Some riders prefer to wear just one piece of chest armor, while others prefer separate knee protectors. Where you bike falls along the spectrum of performance and safety is up to you.

No matter what your preference, there are a number of motocross body armor options available on the market to suit your needs. Here are the 3 best motocross body armor sets currently.

What is the difference between a roost deflector and a chest protector?

A roost deflector is meant to protect your chest area from direct impacts with roost or debris on the track. Roost deflectors are made from heavy, sturdy materials and they’re much bulkier than chest protectors. This is because roost deflectors need to withstand hard collisions.

These protectors have different shapes. Some models are round and others are oblong. Some have protruding pieces that go over your shoulders to protect these joints, and others are harder and don’t cover that area at all. Depending on your riding position, you might find certain roost deflectors more appropriate than others.


The purpose of this article is to help buyers looking to purchase motocross armor for the first time. We hope to give you some insight that you can use to help you make your buying decision. Although it isn't as essential as good protective gear, motocross armor can add an extra layer of protection and style for those who wear it. If you are a serious rider and you have the budget, we recommend finding the motocross armor that best fits your riding style and comfort.

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Fox Racing R3 Roost DeflectorBest OverallFox Racing R3 Roost Deflector
EVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost DeflectorBudget PickEVS Sports RV5-W-L/XL Men's Roost Deflector
Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB JacketUpgrade PickFox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket