Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Fix (Brakes Max Out At 75-80%)

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How To Fix A G29 Brake Pedal Maxing Out At 75-80%

Logitech released a G29 update that shows increasing the maximum braking from 50% to about 80%, but did that without fixing the actual underlying issue that makes the brakes max out at about 70%.

Adjust the curve on the brake pressure sensor.

Select Brake Curve

Lift your gas pedal all the way up and then press the brake pedal all the way down. Do this several times.

After that, select Zoom, and adjust the Max Brake Pressure and Max Brake Pressure Offsets.

Press Apply for your changes to be visible, and you should be able to reach higher braking power.

After a year, the maximum brake pressure will increase a little more.

What To Do If You Start Locking Up After Fixing Your Pedal


Another issue that I noticed a while back, after my PCB swap, was that the G29’s brake pedal would lock up at around 75-80% pedal travel. I did some research and found that I wasn’t the first to experience this behavior.

There were threads on the Logitech forums about it, and apparently, the issue was occurring on a number of Logitech wheels. Since then, it seems that Logitech has made some changes to their firmware that correct the problem.

More recently, I was contacted by a user going by the nickname of “Deadbolt” who develops mods for a number of steering wheels and pedals. The bad news is that it involves disassembling the wheel. The good news is that it’s not that difficult a task.

I’ve reproduced Deadbolt’s original post below, explaining what you need to do to fix the problem. I’ve also included a series of high-quality pictures that make the disassembly procedure very easy to follow.

Reduce Brake Saturation

High brake saturation, or the amount that your brake pedal will move when you go from 0 to 100% braking, is a very common problem with the logitech g29.

It’s caused by the g29 having more travel range than the brake pedal in your car it sits on top of. The g29 can move from 105mm at the very bottom of the pedal to 125mm at the very top. Most modern cars that this pedal is placed on top of top out at 100mm.

After changing my brake pedal to a shorter one i found that the brake saturation was far too high for my liking. So after much experimentation and thought, i decided to make a brake pedal lift spacer.

The lift spacer sits underneath the brake pedal and lifts it up by about 5mm, thereby reducing the total brake travel distance from 25mm (105mm+100mm) to 20mm (100mm+5mm).

This makes the brake pedal feel more like the brake pedal on your car and avoids that dreaded 85-90% brake saturation you get after some racing.

The brake pedal lift spacer is compatible with all version of the logitech g27/g29 pedals that i’m aware of. It does not only reduce brake saturation but also reduces the deadzone, which is why i created it in the first place. And of course, it looks awesome.

Change Brake Bias

When the brake is set to max braking it uses 100% of the force, reducing the amount of pressure to the throttle. This fixes the issue a lot of us have/had where the brakes overheat and kill the engine.

Note: Setting brake bias to max also has the side effect of reducing throttle force at low speeds, such as accelerating away from a stop or around a turn. It feels like the throttle has been cut in half compared to the stock settings. However, it’s better to have the brakes work, and the throttle be too weak than to be stuck as your foot is about half pressed to the floor.

What’s Next?

Brakes fix:

{1}. If you’ve only recently installed the G29 and are having issues with the brakes, try formatting the wheel and controller to the PS4 and then do a firmware update while re-pairing the wheel to the PS4.
{2}. If you’re having an issue w/ the G29 about 1/4 of the way through a race/session, update the firmware to 308.

The G27 pedals gained a second step in the brake travel after I was using my PS3. Could it be the years of use with the PS3, or the PS4? Will try the G27 first to see if it has this issue, and then try the G29, just to see if this is a PS4 issue. I have had the G27 since 2008, and never had an issue w/ the brakes before 2016 when I swapped over from PS3 to PS4.

Will make sure I add in a 10 min warm up/cool down and restart the PS4 during the swap to make sure I can clear out any auto updates. I’ll report back with the results.