How To Fix Mountain Bike Gears That Won’t Shift

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What Causes Shifting Problems On Mountain Bikes?

Nothing is more of a bummer than taking your mountain bike out for a Saturday afternoon ride only to find that it won’t shift into the gear you want it to. When your gears on your mountain bike stick or won’t shift at all, it’s likely due to one of the following causes:

Solution 1: Yep, it’s totally fixed! You may notice that the chain is bound up, so you should take the bike back to the bike shop to have the gears professionally repaired.

It’s important to fix the gears on your mountain bike right away. If you ride with them in any of the positions listed above, it will make the problem worse.

Solution 2: You will need to lubricate your shift cables. To do this, remove the front and rear derailleur to give yourself working room to apply the lubricant to both sides of the cables. Spray the inside on the cable where it connects to the derailleur itself.

Refit the derailleur, and slowly move the shifter back and forth to allow the lubricant to work its way into the cable. Allow the lubricant to dry, and check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Chain Problems

The chain is responsible for the connecting the gears to the hub gear.

If that chain breaks, you will not be able to move the bicycle forward.

One of the most common causes of a broken chain is dirt or dust. Dust can hinder the chain movement.

If you do not want dirt to get into your bicycle chain, you can use plastic wrap, a thick layer of grease, or simply ride your bicycle.

The plastic wrap will help prevent the dust from entering the gears. For the grease, you have to buy through your local bicycle shop.

When you use plastic wrap, it is also important to use a fine, flexible wire to wrap around the entire chain.

It may cause a little trouble to fix or replace broken chains.

You will have to disassemble the entire chain system to fix it.

Sometimes, you need to replace it with new ones.

If you are interested in the new one, you can go for Chris King Chain or Sram X01.

They are both designed well with high-quality materials.

They will keep your bicycle running smoothly and for a long time.

They are not easy to break, and this makes them less likely to cause you any trouble.

Derailleur And Gear Cable Problems

The derailleur is a small, highly precise pulley system that controls the shift of the bicycle gears. If the derailleur is damaged, loose, or malfunctioning, it will result in a chain that makes it hard, if not impossible, to shift gears. If the gears are shifting rapidly, it indicates a problem in either the derailleur or the chain. If the gears don’t move at all, the problem is likely with the shifters or with the cable that connects them to the derailleur.

The cure for a chain that skips gears or won’t shift along with the bike’s derailleur, is to check and grease the chain.

Wipe the chain clean with a rag, then apply a small amount of a lubricant like WD-40 or bicycle chain lubricant. Lubricate the chain through the links as you turn the wheel back and forth.

Listen to the gears. If the shifting has improved, the problem lies in the derailleur, gears, or cable.

For a shifting problem caused by a damaged or malfunctioning derailleur, consider replacing it. This requires the complete removal of the derailleur with the linkage to replace.

What’s Next?

With a few modifications, it’s possible to transform a used bike into a hybrid bike. It’s not quite as easy as buying a hybrid bike, but combining some of the best components from both the mountain bikes and road bikes, you’ll have a more versatile bike for more riding.

Mountain bikes have a straight handlebar and the gears are often in the middle of the bike, so that body weight is distributed evenly through the middle of the bike. The rider can stand on the bike whether it’s on the road or off-road. For a challenge, try pedaling with your feet on the ground in the same position as when you’re riding. It’s easier said than done!

Try a mountain bike tour! A mountain bike tour can be a lot of fun. For beginner mountain bikers, a tour isn’t recommended. The tour is rough on your bike and your body, but if you’re in shape and have a bike that’s ready to go, you can have a great time. If you’re going to participate, you should know the rules of a mountain bike tour.