How To Defog Ski Goggles

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What Causes Ski Goggles To Fog Up?

Anytime you exercise, your body produces moisture. You’re creating sweat to keep your body temperature up so you can stay outside longer or at higher intensity. When you exercise in harsh conditions, such as on the ski hill, you can produce a lot more moisture than usual.

Most moisture can escape through your clothing, and if you dress appropriately, you should be able to exercise, even in the cold, without feeling too hot.

But what about when you need a little more protection, such as when you’re skiing? In those cases, you’ll wear a face mask and ski goggles. If you’ve ever skied before, you know that the combination of the mask and the goggles can make it feel like you’ve got a lot on your head. And if you’re going to be on the hill for a long time, there’s a chance your goggles will fog up.

You can defog ski goggles using one of two different methods. The more ideal method involves anti-fog spray, and the second involves a little preparation and a can of spray whipped cream. Either method can successfully defog your goggles, and both are easy and fast to use.

How To Prevent Fogging

Fogging or a fogged lens is a common occurrence. Unfortunately it is not just annoying but can really slow you down during your skiing or snowboarding adventure if the fog is severe enough. Even the best ski/snowboard goggles can fog if they are not stored properly so follow these easy steps to ensure that your goggles be the best all-weather ski goggles that you can.

First off keep them clean! A pair of glasses that are dirty with grease, su