How To Clean Golf Shoes (In 4 Simple Steps)

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Step 1: Remove excess mud from spikes/soles

Starting with soles will make it easier to get off any debris that clings to the spikes.

  • Slip a plastic bag over your hand for protection
  • Apply foot powder to your damp golf shoes
  • Press on rear spikes with your fingers to dislodge dirt
  • Dip a soft-bristled brush into the foot powder and brush the spikes clean.

Step 2: Clean the upper with mild soap and water

Golf shoes tend to make a mess of everything they touch, especially once they get wet. Take care to keep the shoe soles clean by wiping them off when necessary. If your shoes do become wet, let them dry completely before cleaning them with a mild soap and water solution. Be sure to hold on to the laces as you clean, since the insides of the eyelets often get lost in a void somewhere in your carpet.

It is also important to wash the insides of your shoes if you walk through any puddles while playing golf. Puddles tend to collect sand on water-logged courses, and this can quickly build up and scratch up your golf shoes.

Step 3: Use matching shoe polish to cover scuffs

And scratches.

If you’re concerned about the fit of your shoes, use a shoe stretcher to allow them to stretch and relax a bit. You can also apply mink oil to fully moisturize the leather and keep it from cracking and dulling.

Step 4: Enjoy your freshly cleaned golf shoes!

Spending an afternoon cleaning your golf shoes will save you more than just precious leisure time. Cleaning your golf shoes the right way will extend their life, and prevent you from slipping during play.

Step 4: Treat your golf shoes with leather oil

One can of rubber or leather cleaner will be sufficient for treating regular leather golf shoes. To treat or condition your leather golf shoes, buy a quality leather oil. You can even use wax.

There are lots of great products on the market, and you likely do not need to spend big bucks. Or, if you like doing things naturally, you can just use beeswax.

The secret is to make sure that you take the time to wipe the shoes really well.

You do not want to just wipe and walk away, or you will end up with a sticky mess.

You should also be aware that it’s best to do this as often as possible. The better you care for your shoes, the longer they will last, and the longer they last, the less you have to deal with cleaning them.

That’s the great thing about golf … it’s a game that really gives you the opportunity to slow down. You get that chance to break things down into small steps.

The question is, how will you use your golf shoes? Will you just slip them on and go, or will you take care of them and have a nice, shiny pair of golf shoes in order to help you when you step on to the green?