Cheap GoPro Models (Discontinued, But Still Available To Buy)

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GoPro is synonymous with action cameras. If you’re out there filming your life but can’t quite afford the latest and newest GoPro model, don’t worry. Others have been in the same boat.

That’s why I created this list, to help you find cheap GoPro models still available to buy. You won’t find any of the new models here, but you will find similar GoPro models that were discontinued but are still available to buy.

These discontinued GoPro models are excellent or even better than the new model!

GoPro Hero Session 8.0 MP Waterproof Sports & Action CameraBest OverallGoPro Hero Session 8.0 MP Waterproof Sports & Action Camera
GoPro HERO5 Session Holiday BundleBudget PickGoPro HERO5 Session Holiday Bundle

1. GoPro Hero Session 8.0 MP Waterproof Sports & Action Camera

Our rating: 9 / 10

GoPro Hero Session 8.0 MP Waterproof Sports & Action Camera

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The GoPro Hero Session is a very small and very light action camera, making it very portable! You can take it with you on your bike rides or any other important activities. You can use it to take pictures on your holidays too or if you simply love taking pictures it is great as a complementary accessory!

This particular model is waterproof up to 33ft and can shoot pictures in 5MP. It also has a built-in memory of 8Gb. You can use it on your motorcycle, your bike, your car, underwater in the swimming pool or porpoises… basically anywhere you can attach it! With the different mounts provided, you can attach it to your helmet, your car, your skateboard… you name it!

The camera is compatible with many mounts and accessories so you can use it on your surfboard or in the water with scuba gear. It is water resistant down to 30m. With the automatic on/off feature, you won't need to worry about turning the camera on. Just press the shutter on the remote and it will be ready.

2. GoPro HERO5 Session Holiday Bundle

Our rating: 6 / 10

GoPro HERO5 Session Holiday Bundle

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  • Can be found for a low price
  • Lightweight
  • Can capture high quality video
  • GoPro warranty is valid


  • Limited to water use
  • The microphone is close to the surface of your film’s audio, so if your subject isn’t talking directly to the camera, their audio is likely to be muffled
  • Water droplets may get in the casing
  • The battery is not removable

(Discontinued, But Still Available To Buy)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why was GoPro session discontinued?

There are a number of reasons why the Galaxy micro-series was discontinued, but all of those came with pros and cons. And while that isn’t great news in the short term, it’s actually good news in the long run because it shows that GoPro still has innovation in them. A lot of people have been wondering when a new device will come out to compete with the likes of the new GoPro HERO   Session 4.

GoPro has had several reasons for discontinuing the product, the main one being:

As they continued to bring better and better models out, the corporate face of the company as a whole changed. They had a lot of other new products coming out and they created a new line called GoPro HERO   Plus that would take over the lower-end market.

What is the best used GoPro to buy?

There are many great used GoPro models out there, including several discontinued models. Here are a few of the best GoPro models that are available to buy online via sellers on Amazon:

This GoPro 6 is one of the newer editions to the 6 family and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a smaller lighter camera than some of the others on this list. This is an especially good choice if you’re planning on using a GoPro for water sports or a full body mount and you’re afraid your camera could get damaged. This GoPro is totally waterproof without a case and has an impressive 1080p/60 video recording mode. This camera has a fantastic 10-megapixel camera that can take very crisp, vivid images, and an impressive GoPro 6 lens.

Which is the cheapest GoPro?

There are many cheap GoPro models currently available, but not all are available to buy. The GoPro Hero5 Session is the newest entry-level model and it’s currently the cheapest GoPro around. It comes with the latest GoPro features, including the one-switch QuickCapture feature, compatible with the GoPro App, and best-in-class 4k video.

The GoPro Hero Session is another inexpensive GoPro model which comes in at the budget end of the spectrum. It’s also easy to use, small, waterproof, stores your footage to an SD card, and can go on just about anything. It’s a perfect entry-level device.

In addition to the two models listed here, GoPro also has a bunch of discontinued models which they continue to make available on their website for purchase. These include the very first GoPro, the GoPro Hero, and its second iteration, the GoPro Hero2.

Are cheap GoPros any good?

Yes, they are. In fact, many pros and wannabes are now using cheaper GoPro models (like the GoPro Hero 960) because they offer a lot of flexibility with with camera mounts and content creation options.

For example, cheap GoPro cameras have the benefit of built in WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect remotely and control the camera. For this reason, they’re a great camera for vlogging or live streaming.

At the same time, cheap GoPro cameras have built in in-house photo editing software which allow you to take a series of photos and automatically create an action sequence.

Plus, unlike entry-level DSLRs, these cheap GoPro cameras offer the option to film in 4K.


If you haven’t already, you may want to take a look at the different GoPro models currently available on the market. In our research, we found that the best current GoPro is the Hero7 Silver … so if you do buy a GoPro, that would be our top recommendation at this time.

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GoPro Hero Session 8.0 MP Waterproof Sports & Action CameraBest OverallGoPro Hero Session 8.0 MP Waterproof Sports & Action Camera
GoPro HERO5 Session Holiday BundleBudget PickGoPro HERO5 Session Holiday Bundle