The 6 Best Surf Wax Brands In 2021 [+ How To Apply Them]

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The best surf wax brands are crucial to achieving the best possible surfing experience.

The best surf wax for beginners is one that has the ability to offer grip, warmth and a layer of protection for your board.

In my research, I found plenty of different products out there, some simple some complex. However, if you’re looking for the best surf wax and the best surf wax brands for beginners (or even the best surf wax brands in general) you are on the right page.

I will outline all of the notable features of each brand I reviewed, provide a brief overview of each and allow you to make your decision.

Whether you are looking for the best surf wax for shapers, carvers, longboards or alternative surfboards, I have it covered.

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Surf Wax Comb & ScraperBest OverallSanta Barbara Surfing SBS Surf Wax Comb & Scraper

1. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Surf Wax Comb & Scraper

Our rating: 9 / 10

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Surf Wax Comb & Scraper

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  • An effective product
  • Wax Buddy IV easily breaks through old wax build-up, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing wax flow
  • The Glass bottle is unbreakable which eliminates the risk of hurting your fish
  • It can be used to clean the glass and windows

The abrasion resistant and durable craftsmanship make it tough and long lasting. The simple structure makes it very easy to clean which allows you to spend more time surfing instead of cleaning.

The curved head allows for better maneuverability in tight spots and the handy bottle opener is a nice bonus. It is also the ideal size for traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best surf wax?

New surf waxes are popular all-year-round. Wave season is coming soon and the boys are salivating at the mouth and buying tastiest smelling board waxes while sweating out in anticipation of months of no work and the incredible possibility of an epic year. One that will earn you bragging rights over the other surfboard riders at the end of the season and a spot on the obituaries page of a surfing magazine.

These dudes are on the hunt for history-making waxes that will keep them on the edge for the whole season.

If you have been in the game for a while, you probably already own a couple of different brands. You know, just in case an emergency strike occurs and the surf is too intense.

There are several types of surf waxes on the market, so which one should you go for? The answer is really dependent on your budget, preference and location.

What Surf Wax do the pros use?

Surf Wax is the most impactful tool for improving surfboard performance on the water. There are a variety of brands and types of surf waxes to help you get the most out of your surfing experience. When choosing your wax, consider your climate, the type of board you have, the type of waves you want to ride, and even the temperature of the water.

The best Surf Wax will help you achieve speed, traction, and improved control on the water. It helps your board stick to the water as you move and allows you to speed through the wave. It allows you to lock-in your board in place and provides the traction to remain upright as the wave breaks.

In regards to selection, you have two options: board wax and rope wax.

How much wax should I put on my surfboard?

The amount of wax you use will depend on the board’s surface area and what temperature the water is. A basic rule is to start with a thin coating and then apply a thicker coat as necessary. Each different wax you buy will come with its own instructions and recommendations.

Experiment with how much material you use until you have perfected the amount that works best for you.

What wax does Kelly Slater use?

Surf wax types vary from shortboard to longboard, and even from board to board. Truth is, most surfers keep their own favorite wax for every occasion. World champion Kelly Slater is known for his unique and effective method.

Kelly Slater’s Surfboard Wax Recipe = 50 percent hard surf wax + 50 percent soft surf wax.

The hard surf wax is almost always the same = 1 part cherry block + 1 part jet drab.

The soft surf wax is a combination of harder waxes in your quiver = 1 part blue label + 1 part tin block.

You can apply each of the waxes in the following manner:

The solid blue label is applied in shape of the board in the nose and tail area. The solid cherry block should be applied in the middle of the board in the center.


Now in time, surf wax has practically been superceded by synthetic waxes. While it might not technically be the best wax for your board, grease has slowly become less effective and more commonly used as a grip aid. However, there are still plenty of hardcore surfers who prefer natural wax products under their feet.

Our Recommendation

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Surf Wax Comb & ScraperBest OverallSanta Barbara Surfing SBS Surf Wax Comb & Scraper