The #1 Best Skimboard For Beginners In 2022 (+ Best Cheap Skimboard)

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Skimboards are a fun way to enjoy the ocean, lake or river with family and friends. A skimboard is a long, narrow piece of plywood used to skim across the water.

Like snowboarding, but different, skimboarding requires a combination of skill and guts!

Experienced riders can use variations of foot placement and turns to make the board skim for giant distances.

There are many tricks that can be done on a skimboard, making it fun and entertaining for both kids and adults.

However, if you’re new to the world of skimboarding, you need to know how to pick the best skimboard for beginners in order to have the best time and prevent injury.

This article is a complete guide for choosing the best skimboard for beginners and how to enjoy it safely without damaging property, splinters, or busted shins.

BPS 'Gator' SkimboardsBest OverallBPS 'Gator' Skimboards
Victoria Woody SkimboardBudget PickVictoria Woody Skimboard
DB Skimboards Flex ProtoUpgrade PickDB Skimboards Flex Proto

1. BPS 'Gator' Skimboards

Our rating: 9 / 10

BPS 'Gator' Skimboards

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  • For a low-end skimboard, the cost is great
  • This skimboard is made of quality wood
  • Skimboards are made of a much better material than than those you find in the shops
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • It comes with an EVA deck pad that works to ensure you have a comfortable ride
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is made in California, USA


  • Older skateboards may be a complex to use for this purposes
  • It can be difficult to get used to at first
  • There may be need to use another pad with the skimboard
  • If the wrong mold/design is chosen, the material may break
  • One may need a separate pair of shoes and paddle

2. Fedmax Skimboard

Our rating: 6 / 10

Fedmax Skimboard

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  • Has A Good Quality Brand Name
  • Quick and Easy Setup

This is a good quality skimboard for beginners.

A lot of skimboards are made with foam tips and fiberglass bodies, as are easier to transport in a car and are better if you are going to be taking it to and from the beach. Obviously if you want to get really good at skimboarding you should buy one like the one Fedmax sells that are made with fiberglass on all sides.

Once you’ve bought your board you may like to purchase high quality tips so that your board performs the best it can.

3. DB Skimboards Flex Proto

Our rating: 6 / 10

DB Skimboards Flex Proto

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  • Great for beginning skimmers
  • No Hard Core No Problem
  • Fun Combo of poly and resin

Some customers have found that when trying to stand on their DbSkimboards Flex Proto Carbon Skimboard this product can feel a little soft.

If you are one of the customers who find this out you might be turning your back on one of the top carbon skimboards on the market.

This flexible board is also an ideal skimboard which you can use on soft to medium surfaces, you will soon find yourself able to do full 360 degree turns and stunts!

4. Victoria Woody Skimboard

Our rating: 5 / 10

Victoria Woody Skimboard

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  • One of the easiest to use skimboards available
  • Big enough to be used by experienced users
  • Competitively priced
  • Any kind of foot placement is possible
  • High durability
  • Made from environmentally friendly polymers
  • Unique pyramid design

The Victoria Woody skimboard is my top pick for the best beginner skimboard of 2019.

A mix of polyurethane and polyethylene make the Woody skimboard one of the toughest on the market. Since the board is 40x15x4.75 inches, it will be large enough to allow for standing on it, which makes standing up for the first time a little bit easier.

Another aspect of the Victoria Woody skimboard that makes it perfect for beginners is that there’s only one way of standing. If you want to practice your skimboarding on your knees and get the hang of things, you can do so. However, if you’re ready to step it up and learn the proper technique, standing up on the board is easier to do when your feet are facing forward and your weight is distrusted over the nose of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best skimboard for beginners?

Two of the most popular/well-known skimboard brands are Ultra Skin and FWC. The fact that they are loved by so many people makes them also amazing quality boards.

What is the best skimboard for riding waves?

If riding waves is your goal, you will want to go for a rounded, thick, flat-bottomed skimboard to allow versatility. A wide, rounded deck is perfect for catching waves because it will allow you to ride them with more precision, control, and style.

A flat bottom and chine found on curved boards tends to cut through waves and makes traction/glide around corners difficult. The wider decks also give you more stability and confidence. You can still go for a smaller, narrower skimboard if you're just learning or want a board for small bodies of water and lakes.

How much does a good skimboard cost?

What is better wood or fiberglass skimboard?

If you’re a beginner, wood is a good choice. Unlike fiberglass, it’s flexible, so it absorbs and redistributes impact forces better, which reduces the risk of injuries. For this reason, wood is more forgiving and beginners seem to enjoy it a lot more. It is also easier for beginners to learn on wood boards because they’re more forgiving and easier to control.

Some people think that fiberglass is better than wood and claim that it offers more consistent performance. The real difference, however, is in the cost. Wood skimboards are clearer, while fiberglass boards are less expensive. That said, technology is moving fast, and these days even the best boards are made with fiberglass.


Skimboards are usually made of plastic or wood. While wood is said to be higher quality and is considerably more expensive, it also tends to break down faster. Both wood and plastic boards are still fun to use, though plastic tends to build a better skill in beginners. If you’re a beginner, stick to plastic. We also tested small children’s surf boards, but found that they are best for riders under the age of five.

Our Recommendation

BPS 'Gator' SkimboardsBest OverallBPS 'Gator' Skimboards
Victoria Woody SkimboardBudget PickVictoria Woody Skimboard
DB Skimboards Flex ProtoUpgrade PickDB Skimboards Flex Proto