The 4 Best Putting Aids In 2022 [For Indoor Practice & Alignment]

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I was recently asked to do an in-depth review of the 4 best putting aids.

More importantly, was anyone using them? Were they getting any benefit?

From my findings, I discovered that some of the most popular are not worth the money. So, in the spirit of sharing the good stuff, here’s my review of 4 of the best putting aids.

Maybe you’ve considered improving your putting and your putting game. If so, then practicing with a putting aid is worth a try if you want to improve your alignment. You’ll soon see that there’s more than one possible putting aid to choose from. Only you can determine which putting aid will work best for you.

PuttOut Pressure Putt TrainerBest OverallPuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer
Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting TutorBudget PickPelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor
SHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat 9'x3'Upgrade PickSHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat 9'x3'

1. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Our rating: 9 / 10

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

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  • This aligns your body and stance
  • It’s perfect for setting up your stance and reducing your impact for greenside putts


  • It’s an expensive product and quantity is really limited
  • You will need to use an elastic cord to secure the product to the cupboard

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of settings. Golfers of all skill level can use this product.

It consists of a cup, a base and an alignment guide. The cup is made from heavy-duty material and can be used with a range of putters.

It is advisable that you secure the device to your desired object using an elastic cord. Once you have secured the device, the base becomes the anchor to attach the alignment guide and the cup.

2. Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

Our rating: 8 / 10

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

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This is a molded putting green that can be set up anywhere. It is designed with alignment lines on both sides of the device and can be used for training indoors on rainy days.

You can adjust the turf more easily than a carpeting putting green and it will not wear the same tiny holes that carpet greens tend to make.

It is not a stand alone product like some of the others that are available but it will fit over the head of any putter and provide you with a target to aim at.

3. SHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat 9'x3'

Our rating: 8 / 10

SHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat 9'x3'

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Shaun Webb Signature Putting Mat is a great indoor putting green in 2020. It is engineered & built to premium quality to perfect your putting stroke by improving your concentration, alignment, and consistency. Also, the more you practice your putting, the more that you progress in your golf skills. This is a best golf mat for you!

It has a durable heavy duty rubber surface, so you can putt on the firm and quiet surface. Nevertheless, the surface will not fold, or crease, and is easy to clean. It has larger and more distance grommets compared to other indoor golf practice mats. The distance grommets makes it suitable for both practice and tournament games indoors. There are no bumps and creases and the surface is thick and wide.

The practice green is quite thick, firm, and very stable. It folds nicely for storage and movement. This mat is high-quality and will safeguard your floor. Overall, it’s a great value for the price.

4. ZZWPY Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror

Our rating: 5 / 10

ZZWPY Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror

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  • Three viewing edges, all at different angles to help you practice your alignment
  • Includes the kind of strips you see on windshields of police cars
  • Solid construction, easily assembled
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Does not take up table or desk space as it is a wall-hanging mirror
  • Easy to clean the mirror surface


  • The version of the device we purchased is not designed to reflect overhead light, which will limit your ability to practice in certain indoor places
  • While it does say that it can be hung over an existing mirror, you need to be sure your mirror has enough middle plastic so that you can hang the Golf Putting above it
  • The instructions are pretty light

This should be the first golf accessory that anyone new to golf should purchase, as this takes all the guesswork out of learning to accurately putt. We have used one in our training room for years and it is vital in helping all our students to improve their putting skills.

It is a great way for students to practice even when it is raining outside or they want to work on their skill after work.

Packs small and hangs flat on the wall so if you do not have room to put a golf practice mat, this allows you to maximize the space you have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What putting aids do the pros use?

When you look at top-notch putting pros, you’d expect them to place great importance on their putting aids, right? Are they using expensive high-tech laser range finders? Maybe golf-ball flight monitors?

Surprisingly, no! These guys (and gals!) are using nothing but their normal putters.

Here’s how they do it. Most pros place a small penny on their practice green to act as the hole. When they strike the ball, they judge their distance by the amount of the penny that disappears behind the ball. It’s an incredibly reliable method of gauging distance, completely free and easy to carry around. Paired with a practice basket, you’ll be able to improve your putting with ease.

What is the best putting training aid?

There are many putting aids on the market from simple temporary devices that are easy to set up to elaborate robotic systems. But the truth is, when it comes to putting practice aids, the most effective are ones you can set up by yourself and take down again easily when you’re done.

The best indoor putting aid for this is the golf ball and tee. But the tee must be oversized so that you can easily align with the hole on the ball. The other option is to go old school and build your own putting box with cardboard or wood. You can read all about creating your own DIY putting box in my articles on the site.

What is the best indoor putting green?

There are all kinds of fakes, but the best indoor putting greens are the ones that are specially designed for green practice. These indoor putting greens work by simulating certain kinds of grasses or textures found on different kinds of greens. Their target markets are beginning golfers and indoor golf enthusiasts.

These indoor putting greens are ideal for anyone who loves golf, but is unable to play outdoors or doesn’t want to drive the extra distance just to practice. They are also a great practice tool for beginners.

You may not expect an indoor putting mat to do much, but these “putting green” mats can help you significantly improve your putting game. They let you practice your stance, visual cues, balance, and aim. In addition, these indoor putting mats are much more cost effective than the real thing and tend to be way more convenient.

Are putting mirrors any good?

Putting mirrors can help with alignment and keeping your head still. You can set them up beside you and look at yourself as you’re putting to get your alignment straightened out. It’s a good idea if you’re having trouble seeing the alignment marker on the center of the green that you’re working with.


For the best putting aids on a budget, we recommend that you go with the 2nd best “ the Willow Mini Portable putting aid since it’s very inexpensive but still has a good feature set, including a useful alignment guide. Our upgrade pick, the Alignment Aids Golf Club is more expensive but gets extra points with us for flexibility. It can be used in many different ways and when you combine this with its ease of use, it becomes a must-buy.

Our Recommendation

PuttOut Pressure Putt TrainerBest OverallPuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer
Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting TutorBudget PickPelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor
SHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat 9'x3'Upgrade PickSHAUN WEBB Signature Putting Green Indoor Mat 9'x3'