The 6 Best Motocross Helmets In 2022

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Motocross is one of the most exciting and thrilling sport on the planet.

You find yourself at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour and have to manage avoiding hard obstacles such as trees, jumps and more.

Wearing the best motocross helmet you can buy is a huge safety precaution!

Some helmets are only designed for amateurs, so before you zip up your old one, which may hold you back, take a look at what I think are the best motocross helmets.

Suomy KTMJ0029-SM HelmetBest OverallSuomy KTMJ0029-SM Helmet
2019 Shift White Label Helmet-Matte Black-LBudget Pick2019 Shift White Label Helmet-Matte Black-L

1. Suomy KTMJ0029-SM Helmet

Our rating: 9 / 10

Suomy KTMJ0029-SM Helmet

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  • Strong, lightweight fiberglass outer shell protects your head and neck from impact
  • Five air intake vents
  • Agion antibacterial padding and lining helps to prevent smells
  • Nylon web chin strap
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS foam lining
  • Removable visor
  • Hi-flow ventilation
  • Heavy duty sweat wipes to keep grease off the visor

This is one of the best motocross helmet that you can find online. It is an off-road helmet that has a unique design and comes with its own visor. The helmet has a pinlock lens for additional fog control and is compatible with GoPro cameras. It also has features like external sunscreen, cut-outs to prevent excess weight, attractive graphics and a universal GoPro mount.

2. 2019 Shift White Label Helmet-Matte Black-L

Our rating: 8 / 10

2019 Shift White Label Helmet-Matte Black-L

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  • Injection molded carbon fiber shell with internal reinforcement
  • MIPS-Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.


  • Internal head covers cannot be removed
  • Does not have a D-Ring attachment point

This helmet has been awarded the Best of African American magazines best dirt bike helmets and Best of Parenting magazines best bike helmets. It is also recommended for children from four to eight years of age by Dirt Bike magazine, but can actually fit a larger range of heads.

This helmet is the most expensive in our list, but it has certainly earned its place there. The Shift White Label Helmet has an in-molded shell that is made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material with a lightweight feel, making this helmet perfect for concussion protection and circulation.

It comes with a snap away visor that is both anti-scratch and UV resistant. The visor can easily be removed if you are not using it. When taking the visor off, you need to attach the helmet and visor to the Bike to reduce the risk of flying parts.

3. Troy Lee Designs Adult Polyacrylite SE4 Baja

Our rating: 7 / 10

Troy Lee Designs Adult Polyacrylite SE4 Baja

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  • Lightweight yet durable polycarbonate shell
  • EPS liner reduces impact forces
  • Leatt Brace ready
  • Has 16 vents

This helmet has a durable polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner for increasing the level of protection. It comes with a Hypoallergenic liner and specially designed padding that reduces irritation. The helmet has plenty of airflow that keeps the head cool at all times. It also has a removable visor that is scratch resistant.

Some basic safety features of the helmet include D-ring fastener, a chin strap with chin pad, and a breakaway magnetic strap adjuster. It also starts life with a limited one-year parts replacement warranty.

4. 2019 Fox Racing V1 Matte Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Our rating: 7 / 10

2019 Fox Racing V1 Matte Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

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  • Excellent for motocross
  • Snaps on and off easily
  • Quick release chin strap


  • Has a breakaway visor on the helmet
  • Doesn’t come with a visor

This helmet received a 5/5 star rating on RevZilla from riders who love and use the helmet themselves. It is a versatile helmet that is great for motocross, enduro, and downhill riding. Users note how comfortable the inside lining of the helmet is and how the clear face shield is crystal clear when bought in a large size. The helmet design is stylish and classy.

In addition to the helmet being a great purchase, it is very affordable as well, which is a great perk. Users who have bought this helmet rave about how well made it is.

Lastly, users note that the helmet stays in place (does not lift when hitting jumps or doing other activities that would normally move a helmet) and that the ventilation in the helmet is great.

5. O'Neal 0623-053 3 Series Helmet

Our rating: 6 / 10

O'Neal 0623-053 3 Series Helmet

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  • O'Neal makes the helmets of professional riders
  • Comes with a Steam Guard coating to prevent fogging
  • Decent number of vents to let in cool air
  • Has a C.A.C. protection rating of 5 stars
  • Has a D-ring design that's adjustable
  • Comes with a drop-down sun shield
  • Has removable padding around the jawbone area
  • Stays cool


  • Does not change sizes
  • Some of the tabs are flimsy

This is yet another excellent helmet from O'Neal, which makes the helmets of professional riders. This particular helmet has a removable sun visor to offer you a better view when you like to ride your motorcycle in countryside during the dusk of day.

Another great feature of this helmet is rain guard. Rain guard is a precious equipment that allows you to ride during a shower, thanks to it, you can keep your eyes always concentrated on road without losing attention.

The O'Neal helmet comes with a number of vents that ensure cool air always goes into the helmet and maintains an appropriate temperature for motorcyclists even in hot weather.

6. Arai VX-Pro 4 Spike Blue Motocross Helmet

Our rating: 2 / 10

Arai VX-Pro 4 Spike Blue Motocross Helmet

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  • Well ventilated, with a chin and forehead vent
  • High-quality, durable design
  • Comes with extra parts
  • Comes with an anti-fog visor
  • Headlamp ready
  • Very low price point
  • You can dial the size of the helmet to fit your head perfectly


  • Some people seem to experience a one-size-fits-nobody issue with the sizing
  • May be heavy for smaller heads
  • Not very attractive for the majority of people


The Arai VX-Pro 4 Spike Blue is an entry level motocross helmet that is part of Arai’s VX-Pro line; it is an upgraded version of the VX-Pro 3 Spike that was released previously.

A lot of people are happy with the helmet as it fits them well and provides them with high-quality protection. Once you get it to fit, you will notice that it is comfortable and will have a new feeling of safety the next time that you go out for a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the safest motocross helmet?

Safety has always been our number one focus and what we are known for. Our experts spent many hours conducting crash tests to ensure that our product is safe and effective. We tested our helmet at both the collegiate and Olympic levels alongside many other manufacturers. We have received the Advanced Certification rating from the SNELL foundation.

Our helmets come with the visor and composite face-shield, as well as the detachable chin/neck guard. The helmets are 1480g, which is over 17% less than the market average. We offer a 6-year limited warranty with our products because we understand how important they are.

It’s common to have up to 20lbs. of weight on your head when you crash and our product will make that burden feel less than half of what it would be with a typical motocross helmet.

What is the lightest motocross helmet?

The lightest motocross helmet overall is the HJC MX-12, which weighs in at a very light 3.1 pounds! However, you are going to pay a pretty price for cutting down on the weight with this helmet as it is a little on the pricey side.

The GX-8 helmet is also a nice option though for a slightly more reasonable price. This helmet weighs significantly less than the MX-12 at 4.1 pounds and will do just as well to protect your head while still being much lighter.

Who makes the best dirt bike helmets?

So, here is your answer. Since the 1980s, due to the increase in popularity of the sport, many riders have started getting involved in the action. They started wearing off-road helmets and, as a result, helmets for motocross became a necessity. Over time, many manufacturers have developed helmets to meet the motocross rider requirements. There are now tons of helmets available, all claiming to be protective, stylish, ventilated, lightweight, and so on. However, there is no best helmet brand per se as it all depends on your needs and requirements. So, here are 6 top dirt bike helmets of 2019:

Why do motocross helmets have a peak?

Motocross helmets may look like space helmets, but they actually have a very practical purpose: to protect your eyes. Motocross is a sport which involves riding off-road bikes through challenging terrain. It’s possible to encounter sharp branches and tumbleweed like twigs, which will surely damage your face if you hit them at high-speed. To help prevent this, motocross helmets have a durable visor that covers your eyes while still letting you see clearly. They also have a peak which comes up to a horizontal line with the shield.

While the helmet itself is crucial to motocross safety, there are a variety of features available that can make the sport just a little bit safer.


If you are looking to get a good Motocross helmet and don't have much experience with them, you may want to take the time to read through all our tips & guidelines. It's our hope that all of this information (and a little patience) will help you find the right fit for you. It is important to note that the cost of your helmet is not always related to quality or safety; you can find some extremely good helmets at some of the lower end of the price range.

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Suomy KTMJ0029-SM HelmetBest OverallSuomy KTMJ0029-SM Helmet
2019 Shift White Label Helmet-Matte Black-LBudget Pick2019 Shift White Label Helmet-Matte Black-L