The Best Impact Shorts (Butt Padding) For Snowboarding & Skiing In 2022

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There’s a lot to think about when buying impact shorts, not all of which is obvious. I thought I’d help my fellow snowboarders and skiers out and show you a few things that you may not have even considered.

I have reviews of some of the best impact pads on the market as well as a quick buying guide to help you out.

Impact shinguards are an essential safety item for snowboarders and skiers old enough to hit the slopes and for those of us who like to do other outdoor activities, like hiking.

Impact shorts for snowboarding and skiing can stop those embarrassing red sores known as “goose bumps”.

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When it comes to protecting yourself, the right gear makes a world of difference. For snowboarders, skiers, and even cyclists, a solid pair of shorts is necessary to not only keep you safe but also protect your assets from getting banged up.

Sitting right under your best snowboard shorts, ski pants, or cycling shorts are some of the most important pieces of kit you can tote around in your backpack.

The most important part of the body when it comes to absorbing impacts and giving your body the best chance at staying in one piece is the tailbone, or more specifically, the coccyx. That's where the tailbone pad comes in.

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  • Easy to wash and dry
  • One size fits all

This is a very innovative product and is also very impact protective.

This product will help to protect your private areas from impact, while also providing the needed warmth for icy days on the slopes.

The manufacturer claims that it is also breathable, but in our experience this is not true. This is a bit heavy and doesn’t breathe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are impact shorts?

Impact shorts are an essential piece of equipment for snowboarders, skiers, and on-snow cyclists. Impact shorts use a dense padding combination of kapok, memory foam, and impact plastic to reduce the impact of a fall on the tailbone area. Impact shorts typically offer more protection than regular snowboard pants, but they also offer less range of motion and in the case of foam padding, can be bulky.

What should I wear skiing or snowboarding?

Your decision will be between between shorts and pants. Pants are warmer and more protective in terms of the amount of snow you’ll get to keep off your legs. But they are less fun in terms of getting hot, sticky ski boots off and if you’re just out with friends, it’s probably not worth the added hassle.

Here are the top 5 things you should be looking for in a good pair of snowboarding or skiing shorts:

Waterproof – preferably fabric or membranes. There are many different insulation styles, but a waterproof membrane is always your best bet – even on a clear, bluebird day. You never know what could happen when you are on the open snow: a bad landing, a lost pole, or some unexpected powder.

What to wear for snowboarding first time?

The style of pants you wear for skiing will definitely depend on your personal preference. However, most people prefer to wear rugged waterproof snowboarding/skiing pants because they are easy to move around in and resistant to tears and rough use.

These pants have the added advantage of providing some warmth when you are active inside your favorite slopes. The outer layer of these pants is usually made from water-resistant, extremely durable material that can resist tearing, scratching, and abrasion. This is the main function of the outer layer because you’ll need to ride your board over some tough terrain.

The inner layer is usually made from a breathable fleece material or a lightweight stretchy jersey material. This layer acts as a comfort layer and it also provides some heat and padding.

For the best combination of comfort, warmth and protection, you should go for pants with moisture-wicking functionality.

What should you not wear snowboarding?

What you wear snowboarding will make a huge impact on your snowboarding experience. The right snowboarding gear will not only protect you from the elements, it will also keep you safe and comfortable, allowing you to ride longer and enjoy every moment of the mountain! Let’s take a look at the three factors that make all the difference by examining the three things you should avoid wearing snowboarding.


Whether you are a regular rider or looking for a top end pair of pads, we hope to help explain what to look for in a pair of snowboard impact shorts so that you can make an educated purchase. Hopefully, you can find a pair that will help you enjoy your time in the snow, without being hassled by your equipment.

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