The 13 Best Hiking Boot Brands In 2020 [And Our #1 Pick]

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You’re hiking boots are more than just nice boots. They’re an extension of yourself.

When you set out on your first hike you need to be sure you’re decked out head to toe in the best hiking boots. Your feet are your main point of contact and if they are unhappy, you’re not going to get much enjoyment out of your hike.

This is where we come in!

Read on to discover the top 13 hiking boot brands for the best hiking boots in 2020 and for some useful tips on choosing hiking shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best hiking boot brand?

When it comes to hiking boots, comfort is essential. Comfort is a subjective term, however, and many people have different opinions. What is perfect for you may not be so perfect for someone else, which is why there are so many different brands of shoes out there.

Most hiking boots, when new, are fairly stiff and need to break in before they’re comfortable. Most of the time, a breaking in period can take up to two months. If they’re not breaking in within a month or so, you should check to make sure you’re wearing the right socks and try different sizes. You can also try a shoe stretch treatment to help the boots break in faster.

What is the best hiking boot for wide feet?

Are you one of the many people with wide feet who find hiking boots uncomfortable? There are several different options out there for shoes that will be a perfect fit.

The first option is to find a traditionally narrow-fitting boot that also comes in wide sizes. A lot of manufacturers start with the narrow boot and then offer wide sizes. Look around for these as they might be the best hiking boots with wide feet.

The second option is to find a boot with roomy toes and a narrow heel. The extra room around your toes will mean the boots will be comfortable. Then the tighter fit in the heel will give you support and stability on the trail. This is what you should look for in a hiking boot for wide feet.

Who makes the most comfortable hiking boots?

There are many different brands that make hiking boots and each one has different design, features, quality and price.

The top brands that we recommend for hiking boots are:

Patagonia, Merrell, Merrell Wilderness, Rocky boots , Salomon, Danner, Keen, La Sportiva, Columbia, Keen shoes, Timberland, and North Face hiking boots.

Which is better Merrell or Salomon?

Merrell has been making outdoor footwear for longer than Salomon. In fact, Merrell even had a hand in helping develop the popular Danner boot brand. They are notorious for making quality products while being both weather- and shock-resistant.

Salomon had a bit of a late start on the market but has made quite an impact in the past decade. They’re specialized is mountain range hiking which is also why they are a better buy for rockier trails. Both manufacturers have hyper-focus and have taken inspiration from one another in developing some of the footwear that they produce today.

Perhaps the most important difference is that Merrell is more affordable for the average person. The only major downside to Merrell is that they are not quite as durable as Salomon. Despite this, when compared head-to-head, Merrell vs Salomon can both hold their own.


Next time you're looking to buy a hiking boot, you probably won't want to spend hours researching the best brands before you can find a top brand that is going to meet your needs. This guide can speed things up for you. Our independent research has led us to believe that Merrell is the best brand on the market that is going to meet the needs of someone shopping for a hiking boot for camp / backpacking, on a budget and looking for a fashionable shoe able to protect them from wet weather / mud.

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