Best Golf Simulators 2022 [+ Build A Full Home Setup For Under $1,000]

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If you’re able to lay down the cash for a golf simulator, it will add some fun to your game.

Golf simulators make improving your game more fun by allowing you to virtually play on famous courses without all the hassles of travel.

But, before you go out and buy a golf simulator, you have to make sure that it will deliver what you’re looking for.

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for a quick overview of the best golf simulators on the market, then here you go.

If you want more detailed information on the golf simulators I listed below, read down below.

I’ve done a lot of research and reading, and didn’t find a comprehensive guide on golf simulators anywhere online. So in this article, I am going to comprehensively break down all you need to know about this fascinating and fun home simulator.

Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color BrightnessBest OverallEpson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness
Orlimar Golf MatBudget PickOrlimar Golf Mat
Skytrak Launch MonitorUpgrade PickSkytrak Launch Monitor

1. Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness

Our rating: 9 / 10

Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness

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System XGA (1024 x 768) Resolution Contrast Ratio 5,000 : 1 Lamp Life (economy mode) Up to 3,500 Hour Lamp Life (standard mode) Up to 1,500 Hour Lamp Life (high mode) Up to 2,500 Hour Light Engine 2,300 Lm Software NetDimensions HD Theater Measuring 13.9 Inches x 33.8 Inches x 12.9 Inches, and weighing only 21 lbs, this projector does not require a dedicated home theater room. This is one of the key features that sets it apart from the competition. If you compare Epson Home Cinema 2.0 VS250 vs. Sony VPL-HW40ES you will notice the fact that Sony has a higher picture quality. However, Sony weighs 62 lbs. The difference between them may not be noticeable but it will make the Sony projector less flexible. Epson Home Cinema 2.0 weighs less and does not need a room tailored to a projector. It can be placed anywhere in your room.

Coming back to the projector, it has 3,200 Lumens whereas Sony VPL-HW40ES has only 1,200 Lumens. So, in ideal conditions it is better from the brightness point of view.

The projector has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, which is better than Sony VPL-HW40ES which has only 2300:1. The range of light variation is also better.

2. Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net

Our rating: 8 / 10

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net

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  • 5-piece baseball batting cage to practice your swing
  • Reduces golf range costs
  • Set-up in minutes
  • Creates symmetrical and repeatable swings


  • You will get VERY hot using it. This is because the netting does not breathe.
  • The company has somewhat poor reviews on their customer service.

Repetition is the key to improving at any skill. If you want to change your swings in a way that they become more consistent, less risky, or more powerful, then you need to be able to practice.

There are a couple options for how to practice at home. One is to go to a driving range, which can be expensive. The other is to use a simulator.

One of the top recommended simulators is the Rukket 10X7 foot golf simulator. This is the perfect size to play full-scale golf, and it also comes with a few other pieces. This product includes a basket of practice golf balls, some training aids, and a five piece baseball batting cage. The package also comes with some ropes to be able to hang the net up like a baseball cage.

3. OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

Our rating: 8 / 10

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

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  • You can practice your golf strokes anywhere
  • It will prove to be useful for tournaments and work out by improving your swing
  • You can setup the system right on your living room floor
  • It comes with multiple settings that make it fun and exciting to use, and you can add additional players if you want.
  • It comes with a number of games that you can incorporate to your game.
  • Works great for kids


  • Because of it being an indoor simulator, you will not get the full feel of a real course (although this is something that you need to put up with for a golf simulator)
  • The product has a low frame rate, so if you value video graphics, you might want to look for a better product in this field

4. Orlimar Golf Mat

Our rating: 7 / 10

Orlimar Golf Mat

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Unlike more expensive orthogonal simulators, this one is more compact but still provides sufficient degrees of movement. That you can get a simulator with a decent degree of movement at such a low price is part of the fun of buying a simulator. If you were to buy a simulator, you would probably want to mount it to the floor. This isn’t too difficult to do, but since this is a Do-It-Yourself project, you might want to bring in a professional to install it for you. If you don’t have the inclination to do any wiring, it will make it easier to get a professional to install it for you.

5. 120 Inch 16:9 Portable Projector Screen High Contrast Collapsible PVC HD 4K Design Hanging Hole Grommets Front Projection Home Indoor Outdoor Movie Match Party

Our rating: 7 / 10

120 Inch 16:9 Portable Projector Screen High Contrast Collapsible PVC HD 4K Design Hanging Hole Grommets Front Projection Home Indoor Outdoor Movie Match Party

Check Price on Amazon


  • High quality for such a low price
  • They have a great customer service team
  • They even put together a great instructional video that takes you through the whole process of setting up your screen
  • So easy to clean with a soft cloth
  • Almost impossible to damage
  • Screens can also be hung horizontally if you want to watch a widescreen movie!


  • No preset picture settings
  • These screens require a little bit of assembly

If you are searching for an affordable home screen that you can take with you when you travel, this is it! This screen is made of high quality material, which allows a perfect picture anytime, anywhere.

It has a frame made of flexible steel covered with thick hard plastic sheet. It has a flexible tubular steel as a support, which helps the screen to be rolled and stored easily.

A unique feature that you can find in this model is the integrated carry handle at the back, which allows you to set the screen up and roll it easily.

6. Home Series Multi-Sport Net

Our rating: 6 / 10

Home Series Multi-Sport Net

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  • Perfect for designing course
  • High quality netted system
  • Can handle high impact


  • You’ll have to pay for shipping charges
  • You’ll have to assemble it

This is a great product if you want to design your own golf course, or if you want to practice a challenging putting course by yourself. It’ll help you hone your accuracy.

You can also use it for a basketball practice basket, volleyball net, and a badminton net! The heavy-duty net will give you the best air feel as you do your throws and hits. It measures 7.2 x 48 x 71.8 inches.

7. Skytrak Launch Monitor

Our rating: 6 / 10

Skytrak Launch Monitor

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  • Accurate monitoring and measuring
  • Has visual indicator lights for status
  • Easy to use
  • Most affordable


  • A bit finicky when it comes to connecting the wires to the club
  • The software is not the best and is a bit hard to set up

If you want an accurate simulator that is at a decent price point then you can’t go wrong with the Skytrak Launch Monitor.

The software is very easy to install and set-up. It comes with an interface where you can choose from a series of golf courses to play on and adjusted areas right below the ball. That’s where you would input pin placement and other sorts of details. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

The monitor works with your clubs, regardless of what brand. It also has internal sensors that work with any club. What’s great about it is that it displays key parameters in real-time so you can analyze your swing. It’s also possible to track your swing data over the course of a season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best home golf simulators?

If you prefer the indoor golf experience, there are a few things to consider:

Home golf simulators with a realistic outdoor feel: To build that outdoor feel, many simulators come with golf-specific features like automated rain, wind, and sun effects, and the ability to adjust the day, date, and time. You can also adjust the lighting from overcast to sunny day, which helps simulate the various conditions you face on the course.

Take your golf sim to the next level: Some top-of-the-shelf golf simulators come with powerful computers to help analyze your swing and determine the distance of each shot (distance can also be manually entered by the user). By adjusting your swing to meet the desired distance, the computer will train your swing to be more efficient, helping you improve your game.

What is the best golf simulator for the money?

The incredible Garmin Approach S60 Golf Simulator features a large, 12-inch, HD touchscreen. A removable tee system (with a “Full Swing” mode) allows you to practice your swing over 150,000 golf courses!The Garmin E6 wrist device clips into your belt and reads your swing in real time, giving instant feedback on the position of your swing. If you have an existing set of clubs, you will be able to use them with this golf simulator. You can also use the simulator for games, providing a great experience for kids and family.

How do I build a cheap golf simulator?

If you’ve ever wished to enjoy the feeling of hitting a golf ball in your home, you’re in luck. As the saying goes, the best things really do come in small sizes and building an entire golf simulator setup is a great DIY project for any beginning DIYer. It’s not overly difficult but it’s also not going to be easy. You’ll need some tremendous planning, patience, and persistence to make this project a reality.

First, you’ll need to find a location in your home where you can set up the simulator. This is going to be a large, empty space that can be used for the swingback, putting green, and golf hole. Whatever space you select, make sure it’s large enough and completely level.

How high of a ceiling do you need for a golf simulator?

You only need about 8 feet of ceiling space if you plan to mount the simulator to the ceiling. This will leave enough room for you to play without having to stoop over. Anything more than that height is probably unnecessary unless you plan to hang a projector or TV above instead of hanging the simulator on the ceiling.

You can also purchase a portable golf simulator for outdoor use. They don’t require a ceiling at all.


It would be difficult to choose the best golf simulators without giving you a wide selection of options to choose from. That is why we have analyzed as many motion and non-motion based simulators as we could find. We also provided a more in-depth analysis of the best golf simulators that we have tested personally and believe will meet most players’ needs for a space-saving or portable option. So whatever your skill level or budget we think you will find something that you like.

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Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color BrightnessBest OverallEpson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness
Orlimar Golf MatBudget PickOrlimar Golf Mat
Skytrak Launch MonitorUpgrade PickSkytrak Launch Monitor