The 4 Best Golf Shoes For Women In 2021 (Soft Spike & Spikeless)

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I had to put this article together after being frequently asked which are the best golf shoes for women?

You might think it’s a simple question to answer, but you’re wrong.

But I’ve been into golf for a long time now, so you’ll soon see why there isn’t a simple answer to this.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 4 best golf shoes for women, from some of the leading companies like Adidas, Callaway, Footjoy, Puma and Nike.

Callaway Women's Solaire Golf ShoeBest OverallCallaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe
adidas Women's W CC Ballerina II Golf ShoeBudget Pickadidas Women's W CC Ballerina II Golf Shoe

1. Callaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe

Our rating: 9 / 10

Callaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe

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The Callaway Solaire Women's Golf Shoe can be called the best golf shoe in the market right now. It is actually a very sophisticated golf shoe and I like how it works. It is actually very lightweight and the soles are flexible. This gives me plenty of support. The laces are actually easy to secure and it's not complicated. The sole also gives me plenty of cushioning so I can be more comfortable.

Besides that, this golf shoe is also my most favorite color. I like how they worked the colors into the overall design and make it mixed with the mesh and how they are actually using that color to its advantage that I find it very efficient. It's also really adorable that I find it very appealing and dazzling.

2. adidas Women's W CC Ballerina II Golf Shoe

Our rating: 6 / 10

adidas Women's W CC Ballerina II Golf Shoe

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  • The Nubuck leather and synthetic leather combination is breathable
  • The shoe is very comfortable.
  • Great for people with plantar fasciitis looking for an affordable shoe
  • No break in time need
  • With a cupsole, you shouldn’t over prop to avoid achy feet
  • Width of the shoe is about normal. Not too tight or too loose
  • The soft spikes provide traction and stability for your golf swing
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced golfers.


  • It has been reported that these the shoes are not supportive enough running on hard surfaces.
  • The power of traction available in the Powertrax tool can improve your strength to overcome different obstacles.

Golf shoes can be a little tricky when it comes to traction. This is a concern especially for those with plantar fasciitis. The spike design of these shoes will be a huge relief for those whose feet hurt by the end of the day. These spikes have a very thin profile so they won’t add extra weight to the shoe.


Our rating: 3 / 10


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  • Fits women with wider feet better
  • More flexibility with moveable toe
  • Feels more like a low top sneaker than a golf shoe
  • Provides good support and stability in mid-stance
  • The shoe looks stylish
  • Truly lightweight and comfortable
  • Greater flexibility in a wider, roomier toe area
  • Easier to get into and out of than some other models


  • The shoe runs narrow
  • The leather around the ankle area does not stretch which can result in a tight fit for some people
  • Gets very slippery when wet, they should have added more grip on the bottom
  • The insole is thin and not as comfortable as others
  • The insole does not feel too durable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes?

The Bridgestone Golf Tour Vantage Golf Shoes offer a comfortable and flexible option for women looking for spikeless golf shoes that perform well on the course. With the ability to be worn both on and off the field, these shoes are lightweight and various color options ensure that the Tour Vantage fits in as part of a coordinated golf ensemble or for casual wear.

The Tour Vantage Golf Shoes are a great option for those in need of comfortable spike less golf shoes, as they are designed to provide a comfortable fit and stable feel. From the traction to the comfort, the Tour Vantage golf shoes are constructed for women seeking a lightweight durable shoe.

What is the most comfortable golf shoe on the market?

The most comfortable is the Adidas Adizero Adios 2 if you want leg comfort, ease of a smooth swing and soft spike ability.

For daily wear and spikeless to protect your lawn the Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 is great.

The Softspikes Tour Trek is for someone wanting comfort and spikeless walking ability but solid grip on spikeless course.

The FootJoy DTech is a good golf shoe for someone wanting durability for long days on the course and giving a solid grip, but sacrificing a softer shoe.

What are the most comfortable womens golf shoes?

For comfort, these are the best shoes currently available for women. The Mizuno Wave Miracle are super comfortable and a great choice if you need something versatile. Golf is very tough on your feet, and good quality, comfortable shoes can make all the difference in the world when you’re on the course. You don’t want to have to worry about your feet killing you as you try to make that 6 foot putt.

The Nike Flex TR 2 shoes are also very comfortable and good looking. They offer a 1 year warranty, and have great traction. Nike is a leading name in shoes, and nothing with cause you to stand out more on the golf course than these. You’ll get the attention you want for your golfing skills, not your shoes.

Do pros use spikeless golf shoes?

Yes. There’s been a debate on this topic since the new technology of spikeless golf shoes emerged a few years ago, and, as the trend continues to grow in popularity, the discussion has crossed even over to the pro golf circuit where top players like Charl Schwartzel and Adam Scott use the new technology on the PGA tour.

When you learn about the advantages of spikeless golf shoes for women, you’ll understand why pros love them: they’re great for ole’ school golfers and those with physical limitations, they’re ideal for beginners and those who prefer a more casual style, and they can perform just as well as golf shoes with fins as long as you choose the right options.


While most of these are really only helpful to you if you are a frequent golf player, it’s often difficult to find a good quality pair of golf shoes for women that also fit properly. It’s hard for women to find a good range of fashionable golf shoes which is why we were so excited when we found this line.

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Callaway Women's Solaire Golf ShoeBest OverallCallaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe
adidas Women's W CC Ballerina II Golf ShoeBudget Pickadidas Women's W CC Ballerina II Golf Shoe