The Best Enduro MTB Tire Combo In 2022

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Is it possible to find the best Enduro mountain bike tire combo?

I’m here to tell you that the answer is YES!

When I found out that there is a huge variety of mountain bike tires to choose from, I was overwhelmed. It seemed that there was an infinite number of possible combinations and I was at a loss on which were the best.

Luckily, I did a bunch of research, got a bit scientific and you’ll find that list further down this page.

So, read on and get ready to conquer the trails!

Here are the best Enduro mountain bike tire combos.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Trailstar MTB TireBest OverallSchwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Trailstar MTB Tire
Maxxis ArdentBudget PickMaxxis Ardent

1. Schwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Trailstar MTB Tire

Our rating: 9 / 10

Schwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Trailstar MTB Tire

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  • Magic Mary is an amazing tire that is light and can be ridden in any conditions be it mud, sand, trails, rocks, snow, and pavements
  • Snakeskin is a semi-slick MTB tire that won’t slide off on hardpack surfaces

2. Maxxis Ardent

Our rating: 8 / 10

Maxxis Ardent

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  • 3C Triple Compound gives long wear
  • Lightweight for a knobby
  • Folds up relatively well with its low-profile casing

This tire offers a lot for the money, providing many of the features that more expensive tires provide.

This tire is lightweight, but doesn’t come up lacking in durability, too. This is helped by the 3C Triple Compound of this tire.

This tire comes with many great features built-in, including up to date casing and tread design, plus it even has a folding bead. This makes the tire quite resilient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Enduro rear tire?

The best enduro tire for you is the one that you’re happiest with. Some riders will not get on unless there are a lot of knobbeles, others only like smooth fast rolling tires. With a scant 51% or so of the total tire that is in contact with the ground, including the tire and tube, experimenting with different tires on your bike may not precisely reflect what you feel in the pedals. Anyone racing enduro will want great grip and a fast roll on the climbs. A fast and grippy tire will mix it up on the technical sections as it can work its way into the corners of the bike trail. A heavier-duty trail rider will want performance that serves up a full plate of grip when pushing hard in all conditions.

What is the best enduro TYRE?

What about a front tire?

A front tire has to feel good while braking and cornering the bike. The best enduro front tire is one that is both supple and precise. Especially when pushing hard and braking, it’s important to feel confident and safe.

What are the best tires for mountain biking?

If you’re done with the 27.5 “ 29er or even the 27.5+ tires, and want a better feeling and more durable tire, the best choice you’ve got in the meantime is the 27.5+ 2.8+kn tire!

More than just a slight evolution of the previous 2.3 “ 2.6 kn versions, the 2.8kn absolutely makes the difference.

This tire is the start of an upcoming new generation that will bring an unbeatable feeling and traction to the XC/marathon enduro line.

Let’s see the best quick review below.

What are the best 29er tires?

29er tires can be made of a variety of rubber compounds based on the needs of the rider. These compounds offer different levels of durability, grip, and weight. There are some other special types of tires that are designed for different trail conditions but most of them are not well suited to be used for racing. Here are some of the best 29er tire types.


The tires you choose are one of the most important considerations for the longevity and performance of your mountain bike. In this guide, we look at our recommended tire combos (2.25 front/2.4 rear or 2.25 front/1.95 rear) for any enduro rider that is new to mountain biking. You can then use this list of recommendations to help you choose the best enduro tire combo for you.

Our Recommendation

Schwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Trailstar MTB TireBest OverallSchwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Trailstar MTB Tire
Maxxis ArdentBudget PickMaxxis Ardent