The Best Electric Skateboards In 2022 (Boosted + Cheaper Alternatives)

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Want an easy and quick way to get around? Want to feel super zippy on the road?

Electric skateboards have become big in recent years and for good reason. They're fun and a great way to zip around.

But, they can be pricey and they tend to be geared for the die-hard skateboarder crowd.

Are you thinking an electric skateboard isn't within your budget?

Think again! In this article, I've found some great, high quality electric skateboards and even have some cheaper alternatives. You won't want to miss it!

Here are the best electric skateboards and cheaper alternatives (and which one I recommend).

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard LongboardBest OverallSKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard

1. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard

Our rating: 9 / 10

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard

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  • Double suspension and a very smooth ride
  • Very easy to learn
  • 3-month warranty
  • Remote is capable of controlling up to 4 skateboards at a time
  • Powerful battery and included charger


  • The remote controller has some connection problems at times
  • The wheels are made of plastic
  • Board can be slightly harder to control

The SkateBolt is a great choice for its superior construction, its extremely smooth ride and for the fact that it is really easy to control -perfect for entry level users.

It has a top speed of 25mph, a run time of 18.6 miles, and has an 8-layer maple deck. The maximum incline this board can go to is 15 degrees and it goes downhill at a 12.5-degree angle. The remote is also capable of controlling up to 4 skateboards at a time.

2. 2nd Gen Boosted Dual+ Extended Range Electric Skateboard

Our rating: 5 / 10

2nd Gen Boosted Dual+ Extended Range Electric Skateboard

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The Boosted Dual+ is my top pick because it has a greater range than any other electric skateboard we’ve encountered.

The regenerative braking is virtually instantaneous. The downside of regenerative braking is that you tend to have a little more wear on your bearings.

Another advantage of regenerative braking with Boosted is that if you are on a hill and want to slow down, you can get on the brakes as the board recovers some of the energy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it worth buying a Boosted Board?

The short answer is, yes. If you only have limited use for it, you could get by with something cheaper, but for anyone who plans on using it recreationally for a while, get the Boosted.

The quality is amazing, and there are features like the battery that you can’t find in cheaper alternatives. There’s also the audience you feel you’re joining when you use a Boosted board.

Do I need a Boosted Board?

If you don’t care about the quality and the image of being a Boosted board user, you don’t need one. If you’re looking for a board to use once in a while, look elsewhere. The price is just too high.

What is the best electric skateboard on the market?

This is a tough question because there is no magic board that is best for every situation. You can even find cheap boards that are not very good; there is a lot of junk out there, so be cautious when shopping.

Our favorite on the whole market and the best electric skateboard is the Boosted 2 Dual+ (Black) which was amazing at the time of writing this book.

Is Boosted board the best electric skateboard?

Yes, in most regards it is the best electric skateboard in the world. It is fast, fully featured and packed with safety features. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of people.

However, it is an expensive board. If it is too expensive for you, check our guide to the best electric skateboards. You can find cheaper and just as good boards there.

Why did boosted board go out of business?

By the end of 2018, Boosted was acquired by Google and was put on hold for 3-6 months while a new CEO was sought. This was because of a fatal accident that was determined to be the fault of the rider. 20 days after acquiring boosted, Google released a statement noting that the company would be ceasing operations. Some of their products were still available through one of their retailers, however.

This led to some speculation as to the future of electric skateboards in general as the Boosted model was the industry standard and no other electric skateboards are mentioned. However, as of the publication of this guide, discount shop is still selling the previous generation of Boosted boards, though it’s unknown how much longer they’ll be around.


We hope you found our review and comparison of the top three best-selling electric skateboards on the market right now helpful. Each one we looked at offered something unique to consider. We tried our best to detail the strengths and weaknesses in every one of our top three recommendations so as to provide a better buying guide. Each one has one of the best cutting edge systems on the market, so finding the perfect electric skateboard for you should be about the ease of riding and the portability that’s right for you.

Our Recommendation

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard LongboardBest OverallSKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard