The Best Dirt Bike Goggles In 2022 [From Oakley, Smith, & 100%]

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A good pair of dirt bike goggles look important. They protect your eyes from dirt, debris, bugs, sticks, and rocks. They offer you a bigger field of vision. And most importantly they feel damn good!

The best dirt biking goggles should be well ventilated, fit tight but not too tight, be scratch resistant, have a good seal, a high-quality lens, and should look the part.

In this article I’ve reviewed some of the top dirt biking goggles out there. Then I noticed that many of the goggles offered were from Oakley, Smith, and 100% as I’ve already reviewed a few Oakley and Smith goggles in the past.

So, this time I’ve decided to take a look at a few goggles from these manufacturers to see which ones are the best dirt biking goggles for you.

You’re sure to find what you’re looking for below as I have listed all the benefits of each of goggles reviewed, all the details (weight, coverage, venting, etc.) and even some customer reviews.

Here are the best dirt bike goggles to try this year.

Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle GogglesBest OverallOakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles
Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog SprayBudget PickJust Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray
Smith Optics Adults Fuel V.2 Off Road GogglesUpgrade PickSmith Optics Adults Fuel V.2 Off Road Goggles

1. Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles

Our rating: 9 / 10

Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles

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  • Good airflow
  • Soft sideplates for comfort
  • Contoured and padded nose piece
  • Comes with a lens cloth

The Oakley O Frame is an excellent choice for any adult rider who is looking for goggles to work with his to glasses.

There is a nice soft seal on the side of the goggles which will be comfortable on the bridge of the nose without leaving marks or making you feel like they are too tight.

This is a nice option for the guy who plans to wear glasses underneath his goggles. They just slide on underneath without causing any nose or side pain or ear discomfort.

2. 100% Accuri OTG Goggles-Tornado

Our rating: 8 / 10

100% Accuri OTG Goggles-Tornado

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  • Great build quality with superior seals
  • Dirt bike/Motocross-specific design
  • No-fog multi-layer dual lens
  • Fits over glasses to prevent fog
  • Comfortable/lightweight-feeling design
  • Affordable price

3. Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

Our rating: 7 / 10

Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

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  • Long lasting
  • Prevents your goggles from fogging
  • With spray in a bottle that can be applied to goggles
  • Price affordable
  • Does not leave a sticky residue
  • Effectively prevents fogging
  • Eliminates the need for goggles to be submerged in water for an extended period of time to ensure no fog
  • Just having to spray through the lens where the fog is forming is all that is required for it to be cleared
  • It does not matter if it is cold or hot outside, spray once and you are good to go for the rest of your ride
  • It has a mild scent compared to other solutions that are around


  • Might leave the lenses a little bit misty at times
  • Have to reapply during long days of riding
  • No guarantee that it will not leave a fog on the goggles

What Others Say:

After trying out this spray, I am very satisfied that it is easy to use and does not leave a fog on my goggles. I have a few other similar products in my wish list but for the time being, I will stick to this one.

By R. Sion

4. 100% STRATA Goggles

Our rating: 6 / 10

100% STRATA Goggles

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The 100% STRATA have come out as the ultimate goggles. They are not only super stylish but they are lightweight, crystal clear and polarized. They are, without a doubt, the best dirt bike goggles for an avid rider. You can get these goggles in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

The goggles come with a custom fit nose piece for every individual rider and have an insanely comfortable strap to keep them from slipping.

The lenses completely avoid the goggle fog issue as they are 100% anti-fog coated. What’s more, each lens is fully replaceable, which makes these goggles both durable and convenient for your wallet.

5. Smith Optics Adults Fuel V.2 Off Road Goggles

Our rating: 4 / 10

Smith Optics Adults Fuel V.2 Off Road Goggles

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  • Cushioned with an adjustable strap
  • Great optical clarity
  • Super comfortable and secure
  • Anti-fog coating


  • A bit pricey
  • Takes strap being adjusted perfectly fit on your helmet straps

The Smith Optics Fuel V.2 Off Road Goggles – FX1C & Sensia Eyecolor Lens is one of the preferred pairs of goggles among motocross enthusiasts.

It is the exact replacement for its V.1 model, which, has been a great choice in goggles for many years. Smith Optics have been making protective glasses since 1971. In addition, their products are currently used by Team riders in downhill, Supercross and Motocross. Recently, they have adopted a more youthful approach in designing products suitable for youngsters. The Fuel V.2 goggles are one of them.

The new goggles deliver a very wide field of view, which gets an average rating of four out of five stars. They are quite comfortable, versatile, stylish, and durable.

6. Oakley Enduro

Our rating: 4 / 10

Oakley Enduro

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  • Superior impact resistance
  • Premium ventilation
  • True comfort
  • Comes with its own goggles case
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Anti-fog
  • Strap clip included
  • Can be worn with glasses
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Available in multiple lens tints to accommodate different light-conditions

The Oakley MX Enduro Goggle is a must-have for many outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike most protective goggles, these offer loads of features and adjustability, and they’re extremely comfortable and they can be worn for hours thanks to its anti-slip and ventilated zones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best goggles for motocross?

There are many factors to consider when looking for goggles for cycling, dirt biking, or any other recreational activity on the bike. We know that safety is often the first concern, so we’ve made a list of the best goggles for safety. There are also other factors to consider: type of fit, lens type, and cost.

The best dirt bike goggles must be certified for both impact resistance and UV protection. There should be no penetration of UV rays through the lens, and there should also be at least a basic anti-fog coating included on the lens as well for comfort.

More expensive goggles are also likely to have better ventilation built into them to prevent fogging, with more advanced options including dual lenses. These options can also be filtered to filter the light for riding conditions such as high altitude or in extreme conditions.

Can you wear glasses under motocross goggles?

Yes, motocross goggles generally have a large enough lens area to accommodate wearing glasses. This is particularly beneficial if you wear glasses for work or everyday wear because it means you can wear goggles for not just your recreational riding but your professional riding as well.

What is the best motocross gear brand?

In every sport, there are brands that stand out as the best. If you walk into a snowboard shop, for instance, you’ll see Burton, Nitro, and a few others dominating the walls. For motorsports, there are a number of brands that are held to the highest standards. For dirt bike goggles, Oakley and 100% gear have dominated the niche for decades. Smith has also been coming on strong in the past decade. For street bike racing gear, it’s all about Alpinestars, Spidi, and Held.

There are m —ay-be— brands out there, like Fox, but by and large, these brands are the absolute best for their respective sports and have consistently led the pack.

What is the difference between motocross goggles and snowboard goggles?

Motocross goggles have large wide rims that extend out to the sides of your face to protect your face when you’re hitting jumps. Snowboard goggles are smaller and not as wide, they don’t extend as far out to the sides and they are usually tinted green to block the sun. The best snowboard goggles are different from the best motocross goggles because they have a dual lens. There is a dark lens for riding in the day and a clear lens for the evening.


After a lot of research, we have come to the conclusion that the Oakley SIX.X ATB is the best dirt bike goggle of 2022. If you have a mid-range budget, you won’t get a better pair than this pair from Oakley. The best part is that this qualitative assessment is backed by a ton of third party testing data which shows how good the performance is for a pair of off-road goggles. Coming from a brand that has a reputation of being at the cutting edge of sports technology and design, we are confident in recommending the Oakley SIX.X ATB as the best dirt bike goggles of 2022.

Our Recommendation

Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle GogglesBest OverallOakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles
Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog SprayBudget PickJust Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray
Smith Optics Adults Fuel V.2 Off Road GogglesUpgrade PickSmith Optics Adults Fuel V.2 Off Road Goggles