Azzpadz D30 Vs Original – What’s The Difference?

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What Are Azzpadz?

The Azzpadz D30 is a pad that is designed to reduce pain, increase comfort, and reduce swelling to the coccyx area. There is a small cushion at the bottom of the pad, and it is used to protect the area. Simply put, it’s a cushion to sit on.

The Azzpadz is made of latex-free foam, and it’s available in two different sizes, depending on your needs. It fits in most normal pants, although if you’re going to be sitting in a car for a while, you may want to keep the Azzpadz there to keep your seat belt from pressing into your pain.

People often see the Azzpadz as a pain reliever. However, it’s actually more effective at preventing pain than at relieving pain. If you already have pain in your coccyx area, it may take a while before you see relief. However, if you use the Azzpadz while you’re trying to avoid pain (for example, while you’re doing something that might cause travel-related chiro tendinitis), it’s likely that you will feel relief much earlier.

How Much Do Azzpadz Cost?

Who Are Azzpadz For?

While Azzpadz can help anyone to increase the effectiveness of their workout … one of the best types of people that could benefit from these ergonomic belly trimmer pads are people with lower back pain. Lower back pain is a common ailment that can be caused by so many things.

Different reasons can lead to lower back pain but whatever the cause, it can bring down a workout. Azzpadz® D30® could alleviate lower back pain caused by improper lifting, straining, and even long periods of standing.

For those with lower back pain, azzpadz® D30® can help to address lower back pain caused by an improper alignment of the hips. The azzpadz® D30® is unique in that they help to align the hips into the correct position, relieving the pressure points that cause lower back pain that can ruin a good workout. Other than the azzpadz® D30®, no back pain support pad can do this.

Simply put, the azzpadz® D30® is the ONLY back pain support pad that can address both your hip and lower back pain in one product. The azzpadz® D30® does what no other similar back pain support device can do.

The Azzpadz Range

The original Azzpadz were released in 3 sizes. The Mini Azzpadz, the Azzpadz D18 and the Azzpadz D26.

There was lots of positive feedback from people who purchased them and were impressed with their performance and ease of use.

But there are always opportunities to improve. The original Azzpadz didn’t have enough range of motion for some people.

Also, some people who were more active had a small problem with the design. So, a decision was made to try and improve the design.

The changes when from the knee to the hips … and first, the Mini Azzpadz were developed.

The Mini Azzpadz allows for a greater range of motion when performing squats and lunges and are a great way to protect your knees.

The original Azzpadz protect the front of your knees … there’s no need for additional knee pads. But, the back of your knees have no protection from sweat.

So with the Mini Azzpadz, we added a pad on the back of the knee to protect it against getting wet from sweat.

Not only that, but the pattern was designed so it wouldn’t move around during your exercise.


Now, when we talk about the Azzpadz D30, and the original, there is a lot of similarity between the two.

So let’s start off with the similarities.

Ok, first and foremost, I have to mention the fact that these pads are made to relieve pressure and friction on your tailbone & coccyx area.

Again, they are made to prevent or relieve tailbone injury, tailbone pain, tailbone tenderness, tailbone bruising/bruising and overall tailbone soreness.

Now, in regards to their design, they are much more or less the same, but it’s always good to be updated with the new features of the new version.

So, these pads have the same contour shape, allowing them to fit the same way, providing you with the same level of comfort and support.

Moving on, I’d also like to point out the fact that these two products are just almost the same size. They are both 7 inches in length, making them “Junior-sized”.

Originalvs. D30


  • The Original utilizes the patented D30 material to absorb shock, so your posture is better and painful pressure on sensitive bone structures is eliminated.
  • The Original is designed to reduce pressure on the tailbone by up to 83%.
  • These are the perfect solution for those who sit upright in their chairs.
  • Product is made of soft EVA foam with mesh fabric cover with a high-density foam center.
  • It is designed to relieve pressure on your tailbone and improve posture, eliminating lower back pain.
  • Has a 100% money back guarantee.


Vs Original Azzpadz: The Key Differences

Both the Azzpadz and the original Azzpadz are created using the same material “ D30, but there are some fundamental differences in these products. Let’s take a look:

It’s like the original Azzpadz but with less of a knee cap and more padding towards the bottom of the knee up to the groin.

The reason why the designer of the product came up with this design was to cover the whole knee when squatting.

Some guys don’t want to show everyone their V lines and may want to cover them with the D30 knee pads.

Azzpadz kneed compression sleeves that provide support and compression. The knee compression sleeve comes in different sizes to fit any body type.

This feature is not available in the original Azzpadz.

The padding comes up to the groin area.

This feature is not available in the original Azzpadz.

An Azzpadz gel knee pads is a design that was worn on the head of a lady that had lost her hair due to cancer.

D30 was used for compression and warmth especially to treat cancer victims. The company also donates a portion of the proceeds to cancer research.

How The Azzpadz D30 Compares With The Originals

The Azzpadz D30 is a special version of the original Azzpadz. These state-of-the-art pads for relieve hemorrhoids pain contain the same ingredient used by NASA to keep astronauts comfortable during long space flights.

The Azzpadz come in a pack of two, and each pad is designed to be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. They are made from medical-grade materials, and they are really comfortable. Any longer than 12 hours, though, and you’ll need to switch out with a fresh pad just to make sure you don’t develop a rash.

Aside from this difference, virtually everything else when it comes to Azzpadz D30 is the same as the Azzpadz Original. For one, they’re both odorless and designed for external use only. They can be used after bowel movement, before the bowel movement, or anytime to reduce pain during menstruation or after childbirth.

The pads are also free from latex, so any person with latex allergies should try the Azzpadz D30. Having been used by astronauts, Azzpadz are chemical- and scent-free. They’re meant to be worn underneath the regular underwear, which is why they keep their shape so well and don’t feel bulky.

Better Comfort

The AzzPadz D30® features two 3MM pads that are much thicker than the original AzzPadz®.

This increased thickness offers a more comfortable barrier against the pain and pressure that occurs from plantar fasciitis.

The AzzPadz D30® also fits snugly and securely to the foot with a strap that prevents any shifting and discomfort.

With the added comfort, the AzzPadz D30® can be used all night long with your night splint or brace.

AzzPadz D30® was literally designed when a podiatrist walked into our facility and suggested that a design that redistributes pressure would be a great addition to our AzzPadz Brand of AzzPadz Flat Water Swim Socks and AzzPadz Flat Water Shoe Pouches.

After many hours of research and design, the AzzPadz D30® was invented. Look for the AzzPadz D30® to hit drugstore shelves soon.

A Higher Level Of Protection

It make take a few minutes to figure out exactly how to apply the Original Azzpadz. Despite how quickly most users get the technique down, the Original can be a bit more frustrating.

By contrast, the D30 Adhesive option is much quicker to apply. It slides on easily and evenly, and it doesn’t bunch up in places. Users can take the time to place it in the most ideal location.

A common complaint with the Original is that it’s adhesive doesn’t last as long as it should. The D30 Adhesive solves that problem, and it will last for two years instead of less than half a year if you opt for the other protection option.

It’s impossible to tell whether or not one is twice as good as the other, but the D30 Adhesive option makes the case that it’s better in more ways than one.

Azzpadz D30 Protector Or Originals?

What’s Next?

If you’ve been holding off on purchasing the Azzpadz D30 because it is made by a new company and an unfamiliar name, you need to relax. That is NOT a bad thing. The new company, in fact, makes the popular fitness and strength training product, the D3O.

So you can rest assured that the Azzpadz D30 is in very capable hands. It’s still made in the US too, like the original Azzpadz. They are made with the same high quality gel material, which is safe and comfortable enough for work, play, or even sleep. They also have the triple-density design and come in a variety of great styles.