AGV K3 SV Review – The Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmet In 2022

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Looking for the best motorcycle helmet for beginners in 2022?

If you’re brand new to riding and haven’t purchased a helmet before, you’re in the right place. We will guide you through the buying process and we have reviewed some of the top options available.

But, sometimes it’s best to start off with something basic and inexpensive, so that you can make sure you’ll stick with riding before you spend a lot of money.

The best beginner motorcycle helmet that fits the bill is the AGV K3 SV helmet.

It is the perfect fit for riders new to the sport, and should fit most female riders and some male riders.

It is not an inexpensive helmet by any means, but the features, such as the internal drop down sun visor, make it more than worth the money.

AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black MediumBest OverallAGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black Medium

1. AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black Medium

Our rating: 9 / 10

AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black Medium

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  • Lightest helmet in its class
  • Some ventilation
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable interior
  • Well-vented helmet


  • Vents close off when raining
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Only four sizes

The lightweight AGV K3 SV is a budget option if you’re on a tight budget. Yet, it doesn’t skimp on comfort or safety.

The AGV K3 SV is easily the lightest helmet in its class. At 2.4 pounds, it’s significantly lighter than the next lightest helmet in class (the Bell Mag-9 Sena weighs 3.3 pounds).

The helmet is also well vented. The front and rear vents are relatively big and the chin vent at the bottom of the helmet promotes air flow. The top vents also help move air around.

2. AGV 0101-7486 K-3 SV Motorcycle Helmet

Our rating: 5 / 10

AGV 0101-7486 K-3 SV Motorcycle Helmet

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  • Top of the shelf safety features.
  • Safety features include:


  • This helmet is more expensive when compared to others of its kind.
  • This is the most expensive helmet in the AGV range.

The venting system is also amazing and will reduce fogging, while aerodynamically cutting through the air at high speeds.

This is a first in the range of motorcycle helmets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are AGV helmets any good?

If you’ve ever browsed helmets at a local dealer, you’ve no doubt seen AGV helmets. This Italian manufacturer has been in the game for over 100 years. They produce helmets for every type of rider including street, touring, sports, adventure and dirt.

AGV is one of the largest helmet manufacturers in the world and their helmets are worn by both professional racers and causal riders. They are also highly popular in the police community.

Because of their level of quality and detail, AGV helmets tend to be expensive, but you do get what you pay for. They are constructed with the finest materials and the most advanced technology currently available.

What is the best crash helmet to buy?

Crash Helmets are seldom cheap,but how much do you care for your own safety?

How much time has your life worth?

With the ever increasing prices on gas and the commute time to work increasing,more people are realizing the wisdom of buying a motorcycle.

The one problem is,how do you find a good helmet? The answer for that question lies in the AGV K3 SV helmet.

Why the AGV K3 SV?

The K3 SV is a non-homologated helmet and it boasts of a bold and aggressive design;it is also built using today’s latest technology and is one of the safest helmets around.

Do AGV helmets run small?

Brought to you by AGV Helmets, AGV is one of the bestselling motorcycle brands over the last few years. The company has been making their protective gears since 1919 and stands for advanced helmet technology. The company has extended their line to include not just bike helmets but also gear for other motorized activities.

AGV uses advanced technology in the design of their helmets. The company understands the preferences of each customer hence they offer different styles and size to meet the requests of their customers. With their helmets, you can expect to use your helmet for long without any hassles.

Most AGV bike helmet reviews on the web mention that their helmets run small depending on the buyer's needs. The company offers an alternative for those who want a large size bike helmet. They have a bigger model called the KT2. You can use search engine to search for reviews about their largest helmet and you will have a good idea about whether they would fit your needs.

How do you clean AGV k3 helmet?

Clean it before and after every ride.

Depending on the type and frequency of riding you may need to clean your AGV K3 between every ride. If you ride your motorcycle on the highway you should clean your helmet every day after riding. If you ride motorcycles on city streets you should clean your AGV K3 helmet every other day or after a couple of rides.

Whether you own and ride a motorcycle on the street or off road you should be cleaning your AGV K3 after a ride. No matter which type of helmet you wear you should always clean your helmet after a ride. You need to have a way to clean your helmet.

You have to wash your AGV K3 at least once every two weeks. It is also important to wash you AGV K3 at the end of the riding season. You can use soap and water to clean the outside of your AGV K3.


The AGV K3 SV motorcycle helmets are the best you can get in this price range. AGV is an Italian brand based out of The Netherlands which is highly respected in the motorcycle helmet manufacturing industry. The K3 SV is their entry level helmet with a removable liner and a classic look.

Our Recommendation

AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black MediumBest OverallAGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black Medium