The 10-Minute Beginner’s Guide To Skateboarding

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Skateboarding Gear & Equipment List

There are several skateboarding equipment that you need to consider before you set out on your skateboarding adventure (or even if you do it as a hobby). These skateboarding gear make your skating adventure safe, fun and enjoyable. Here is a list of durable and reliable skateboarding gear that are perfect for beginners:


Whether you want a skateboard with quality wheels and bearings, a sleek design or a colorful one, you can find it all in the market. The most important factor in the skateboard is that you should need to feel safe when you are in it. For this, you need to invest in a good quality skateboard which has a good deck that can absorb impact. It should also have a good size which is small enough to fit your feet yet big enough to safely carry your weight. Further, a good skateboard should have a sturdy and strong deck so that it does not break suddenly under pressure.

#1 – Complete Skateboard

You want to buy a skateboard, but you’re not sure which skateboard is the best for you. Luckily for you, there are a variety of different skateboards to choose from. It can be a little bit overwhelming, but all you have to do is stay calm, read this guide, and you’ll be ready to pick out the perfect board.

As you shop for your new skateboard, you’ll be faced with different shapes, sizes, styles, and components. The very first thing you should do is acknowledge that these are all great choices, especially for the beginner. The important thing to remember as you pick your first skateboard is to buy something that you like and will enjoy using.

#2 – Shoes

The first thing you need before you go out and try skating is a decent pair of shoes. You don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive ones, but you need a solid pair that will help you as you learn the basics.

When you start out, comfort is king. You’ll be spending half of your time learning how to stop, and as you’re learning, you’ll want to feel like you can keep up your momentum with maximum efficiency … which means you want to feel like your shoes are not simply cushions for your feet.

The best thing you can do is go to a skate shop, have the shoe salesperson size your feet, and take her advice on what she thinks will be best for your body type and skill level.

#3 – Helmet

A helmet is very important for a few reasons. One reason is it will protect your head from injury in case of a fall. Some skateboards come with helmets attached but if your board does not, you can buy one and attach it to your board.

A helmet will also protect you from diseases such as head lice. This is because it is difficult to wash the helmet like you would wash your hair. This will also make wearing a helmet a habit when skateboarding.

Finally, a helmet will protect you from the sun. This may seem like a minor thing but remember the sun is a lot stronger in the summer.

#4 – Knee & Elbow Guards

If you want to skateboard, you will inevitably learn a lesson or two about hard surfaces, dirt, and asphalt. If you don’t try to foam-block your fall whenever you bail, you’re going to find yourself hitting the ground pretty hard.

If you’re just doing a little cruising around a parking lot, your knees and elbows can take a pretty good beating.

If you’re more interested in long boarding or downhill then you will experience some pretty rough treatment in the form of larger, sharper rocks, more speed and larger drop offs. If you’re a street skater, you’re going to need something a little more robust.

{1}. Knee Pads “ Knee pads are a must for any hardcore skateboarding, downhill or longboarding. For short cruises they’re nice but not really necessary.
{2}. Elbow Pads “ The same applies to elbow pads. They’re nice for short cruises but are necessary for longboarding and downhill.

#5 – Wrist Guards

These things are more than just some pads. It won’t take much for your body to create a nice bruise with the concrete, especially your wrists. Your wrists are thin compared to the rest of your body too, so that means they are more likely to get injured.

Even if you want to skate some more after your fall, your blisters can make it hard to move your fingers the way you need them to, which makes your skateboarding much less enjoyable or even impossible.

So for now, buy some wrist guards.

They may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s nothing if you are constantly in pain. Comfort can be sacrificed for safety.